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5 Reasons to Move to Ottawa in 2020

Are you thinking of moving to Ottawa this year? Or maybe your move is already booked. Either way, it’s an exciting time to look at relocating to the nation’s capital. From the stable economy to lower cost of living and access to world-class amenities, Ottawa is becoming the no-brainer location for those looking for more affordability (when compared to Toronto/Vancouver).

Here are some base statistics on the city:

Population: 961,921

Average Price Of A Home: $486,000.00

Median Household Income: $91,510.05

Unemployment Rate: 6.6%

Crime Rate Per 100,000: 3,721.95

1. Steady Economy From Government Employment

Canadian employment

As the nation’s capital, there is a steady and stable amount of government employment. Nearly one-in-three government employees call the Ottawa-Gatineau area home. This accounts for roughly ~140,000 jobs in the area. These jobs are not only in parliament either, they include military personnel and CSIS employees too.

2. Affordable Housing

housing ottawa

When compared to other markets such as Vancouver or Toronto, Ottawa has a very affordable housing market. The average cost of a home in Ottawa is $486,000 (November 2019). Ottawa has had a pricing surge in real estate, however, it is still relatively affordable when compared to Toronto, where the average home is going for $840,000.

3. Did Someone say Cottage Weekend?


During summer there are few things Canadians love more than a weekend at the cottage–and for a good reason. The good news, when you move to Ottawa, you’ll be in close proximity to over 900 lakes.

4. Low Crime Rate

When compared to the rest of the country Ottawa has very little crime. The glaring statistic is that the severity of crimes committed in Ottawa is drastically lower than other major metro areas in the country.

crime rate

Via Stats Canada

5. Tonnes of Green Space

confederation park ottawa

Ottawa is home to some of the best parks in the nation, combined with scenic green spaces mixed in with parliament. According to the city’s website, the city has over “4,300 hectares of parkland at over 1,300 sites, including 2,000 play structure components.”

Here is a list of the popular parks located in the area:

With all of these reasons, it’s no surprise that Ottawa ranked #1 on our list of cities to move to in Ontario. And as an added bonus, you’ll be able to catch NHL hockey for a much cheaper price than in Toronto or Montreal. Go Sens, go!

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