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Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

The city of Ottawa has always been known as a political city, which of course makes sense, it’s the capital of Canada and home to Parliament. The most important decisions that impact the country of Canada are debated and decided on in Ottawa. This translates to many political figures living in Ottawa and many of the jobs in the city are connected to government. Ottawa is also home to two world-renowned universities in Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, and over the years more and more students have been staying in Ottawa after graduation and not necessarily getting involved in the political world. This new shift has changed the landscape of Ottawa as it is becoming one of the most coveted places to live in Canada. If you’re planning to settle in Ottawa, here is a look at the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa.


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This Ottawa suburb is a tremendous location for those with a family. Housing developments are continuously popping up in this part of the city and the area is already known for its parks as well as great schools and community centers. Kanata is a family friendly neighbourhood, but there is no doubt you will see young professionals and seniors living in the area as well. This is a great part of the city to live in if you’re a hockey fan, the Ottawa Senators of the NHL host their home games at the Canadian Tire Centre.


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Just like most major cities, there is always a part of the city that gets defined as the “hipster area” and in Ottawa, the title goes to the Westboro neighbourhood. There is no shortage of cool boutiques, trendy coffee shops or hole in the wall bars serving the newest in craft beer. It’s an eccentric part of Ottawa, with condos towering everywhere, which usually suggests young people, who are the main population, but you will see young families as well as retirees in the area as well.


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The Glebe is seen as one of the higher end neighbourhoods in Ottawa, the homes are large and the trees that line the streets are even larger. This is an outstanding area to live in, especially if you work downtown. The commute into the city core is easily accessible by foot, car and public transit. Every year neighbours get together and host the Great Glebe Garage sale where you’re bound to find some amazing items for a great price.


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For those who love to spend a lot of their free time experiencing the outdoors, Orleans might be the best option to call home. The northeast part of the city is bordered by the Ottawa River which is also the location of the parklands and wetlands of Petrie Island and Beach. The neighbourhood has a history of being a largely Francophone part of Ottawa, but the area has continued to expand over the years by adding more condos and housing while leaving its industrial beginnings in the past. The area is filled with trails, perfect for anyone who loves a great walk in the middle of autumn.

Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill is widely known as a student neighbourhood, mostly because there is a lot of students that live in the surrounding area as the University of Ottawa is located in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood. But the population is also rounded out by immigrants new to Canada, affluent families, middle-class families, and of course the students. With university students populating the area, the neighbourhood resembles just that, with fun bars and restaurants featuring student-friendly pricing. Students are always trying to find a new way to get away from the books, so you’ll have no problem finding something to do on any given night in Sandy Hill.


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The best thing about Centretown is that it’s known as being in close proximity to just about everything important in Ottawa. If you want to be in the center of everything, well Centretown is just the place for you with the Rideau center, downtown, and Parliament all within walking distance. The close proximity to downtown allows everyone who lives in this area access to the amenities of downtown as well. All the wonderful restaurants, pubs, and bars you can imagine are in Centretown.