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About Us

We were founded in 1990 on a principle of identifying and resolving some of the major challenges of the long distance moving industry. These challenges included lengthy delivery periods, expensive and complicated pricing with hidden surcharges, and high claim ratios.

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Our Story

Our founders did comprehensive research and system development to solve these challenges for our long distance moving clients. Through this, we are able to provide faster, reliable long distance moving services with transparent pricing and low claim ratios,. We’ve refined these systems over three decades, enabling us to provide reliable, stress-free long distance moving services to our clients at an affordable price.

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The Great Canadian Way

Our Pricing System

Our estimates are detailed, easy to understand and contain no hidden surcharges.

Faster Delivery Times

We created more direct routing and scheduling. This allows us to move goods faster.

Low Claim Ratios

Our moving team is paid a portion of the valuation premium to take better care of your goods, This results in a low claim ratio (currently 3.5 %) and much happier customers.

Helpful Resources

We provide all of our customers with our Moving Process guide. This document was designed with you in mind, and to help to guide you through each step of the moving process. Our goal is to make sure you understand all of the important steps of your relocation from start to finish.

Our Moving Process

34th Anniversary Contest

At Great Canadian Van Lines we celebrate our anniversary a little differently than other companies. We give one lucky customer a $100 for every year we’ve been in business. If you booked a long distance move with us, you are automatically entered into a draw for cash! This year in honour of our 34th anniversary we are giving away $3400.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my shipment weighed?

The moving truck is weighed (light weight) at a government-registered scale prior to arriving at your residence. Your goods are loaded onto the truck and then the truck is weighed again (heavy weight.) The light weight is subtracted from the heavy weight and this gives us the net weight (actual weight) of your shipment.

How are my goods separated from others so I don’t lose anything?

All of your goods are tagged (colour-coded sticker placed on the item) and inventoried (listed with a number, item description and the condition of the item.) You receive a copy of this Inventory Form and the van driver keeps a copy. When the van driver arrives to deliver your goods to your new residence, both the van driver and you will check the Inventory to make sure you received all your belongings and verify they are in the same condition they were in at origin. 

Can I get insurance coverage for my belongings?

Yes you declare the value of your goods. We list the value based on a minimum weight of $8.00 per pound. You can however declare a higher value than the minimum amount. We do not actually sell you insurance. You declare a value of your goods and the Cargo Coverage on that truck covers your goods based on the value declared.

Do I pay a deductible for insurance?

No, a moving company should not charge you a deductible. If they damage or lose one of your items they should replace or repair the item without charging you a deductible.

What do I do if I notice a damaged or missing item in my shipment?

Identify your claim (damaged or missing item) in the Delivery Exceptions column on your Inventory Form beside the corresponding item number. Ask the van driver for a Claim Form or print one from our website in the Documents section, follow the instructions on the claim form and send your claim to us. A representative from Great Canadian will be in contact with you within 2 business days of receiving your claim form and a claim file will be opened. Our priority is to resolve your claim quickly and to your satisfaction.

Do you guarantee your delivery date?

We provide you with a transit time frame (a delivery period) For example 7-15 days from pickup. You have to be available in this time frame to receive your goods and we have to make your delivery within this time frame. The transit time frame is based on the weight of your shipment and the distance your shipment is travelling. Our Van Foreman will call you ahead of time (24-48hrs) to arrange a delivery date and time within the delivery frame on your contract. If we deliver late (beyond the time frame) you are compensated for late delivery.

Are there hidden surcharges that I need to know about?

Great Canadian lists all surcharges on your Estimate Form. There are however some charges that are unknown at the time of the estimate. An example of this and the most common is a shuttle surcharge. This charge is applicable when access is an issue and the tractor trailer unit is not able to get close to your home for a pick up or delivery. A smaller unit is used to get the pick up or delivery completed. This process does involve the transfer of the shipment from the tractor trailer unit to the smaller truck and an additional charge (shuttle surcharge) is added for this service.

Is packing included in the price of my move?

Packing is not included unless we are asked to provide this for you in your estimate. Packing charges can be charged by the carton, by an hourly rate or simply based on the weight of your shipment. This (weight) is the most common service chosen because it involves a full packing service and provides you with the best coverage for insurance purposes.

Do I need to be available during the loading and unloading procedure?

Yes, either you or your representative should be available throughout your move for document signing and to answer any questions you moving crew may have and to ensure we have laoded everything you want moved at your origin residence.At destination you will be required to check off the items from your inventory and direct the crew as to where you would like your items placed in your new home.

Are items such as beds disassembled and included in the price of my move or do I have to disassemble these items?

Standard household beds with a footboard, headboard and frame are disassembled by us and are included in your price. We are not permitted to disassemble or reassemble cribs.

Are your drivers and movers regular employees or do you contract your work out?

Most of our drivers are agent drivers which means they are trained on Great Canadian Van Lines paperwork and procedures and that their schedules and loads are coordinated by Great Canadian Dispatch. We will occasionally use a broker but this only occurs if they are a regular trusted broker that we have a track-record with. If our driver runs out of space. However, the trusted broker is dispatched by Great Canadian and all communication and coordination is conducted by our Dispatch.

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