About Us

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Great Canadian Van Lines was conceived in the late 1980’s and commenced operations in Calgary, Alberta in 1990. The company relocated to the greater Vancouver area in 1992 and has operated in the Vancouver area since then.

Great Canadian (GCVL) is one of the six major van lines operating in Canada and was established because one of the original start-up partners (Mark Valliant) determined there was an opportunity in the long-distance moving market within Canada. The existing van line business within Canada had complicated pricing systems, long delivery spreads, and an insurance system that benefited long-distance moving companies but not the end customer. So Mark and his team built GCVL on three principles:

  1. Our Pricing System – was developed so rates could be provided quickly, with all surcharges visible and most importantly, affordable pricing.

  1. Faster Delivery Times – We determined that delivery spreads (the number of days it took your goods to be delivered) were too long in the industry. So we created more direct routing and scheduling. This allows us to deliver goods faster than most carriers in Canada.

  1. Valuation Premium (insurance component) – To better protect your goods and to ensure their safe arrival, we developed a unique program with our agent/drivers. They are paid the majority of the valuation premium (insurance component of your moving charges) as an incentive to protect your goods. If your goods arrive safely they retain these funds and are thus paid a bonus for taking greater care. This results in happy customers and one of the lowest claim ratios in Canada.

We provide all of our customers with our Moving Process Guide and Customer Responsibility Form. These documents were designed with you in mind, and to help to guide you through each step of the moving process. Our goal is to make sure you understand all of the important steps of your relocation from start to finish.

Service Areas

Our main line of service in Canada is long-distance moves between Vancouver and Toronto and return. We do however also service just about every city and town within Canada with our weekly service.

We also provide regular service to the East Coast of Canada and return.


We are a proud supporter of the BC Cancer Foundation,  the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Canuck Place, and the Movember Foundation; and thanks to your support we are able to give back.

Home          BC Children's Hospital

Dear Mark,

Your support for BC Children’s Hospital is no small thing.  In fact, it has a huge impact on what doctors and researchers here can accomplish every day for kids in need.
Thanks to your generous support, kids with cancer are benefitting from the latest treatments. Children who used to have to go elsewhere for complex surgeries like heart transplants are now having those procedures right here at home. And kids with chronic illnesses and disabilities are living better lives.
Your support makes a difference behind-the-scenes too. With your help, the brightest minds in research are making discoveries and breakthroughs that can impact kids not only in BC, but across the world.
I wish I had all the words to properly thank you for your generosity. Then again, maybe my words aren’t that important. After all, there are more kids recovering from a serious illness because of you; more kids with hope for a long, healthy future. Their smiles are worth more than all the thanks I could ever give.
And yet, I am deeply grateful. Your support has led to many incredible accomplishments in 2019. You helped to:

  • Equip our hospital with tools designed for a child’s growing body.
  • Push forward the very research that spurs breakthroughs.
  • Attract world-renown doctors and researchers and enable the next generation of medical leaders to be trained.

Thank you again for reaching out to children in need in 2019. With you by our side, we can help more kids get back to being kids.With gratitude,

Teri Nicholas, MSW, RSW
President & CEO
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation