Thinking of moving locally?

A local move can be as simple as moving a few items within the same building, or may involve moving an entire home or business across town. We are available to provide whichever service you require.

Great Canadian Van Lines Moving Services - Local Moving

Full local moving services

Full local moving services involve the packing of all of your smaller possessions into cartons, disassembly of items such as beds, dressers with mirrors, and the loading of these cartons and all of your possessions onto our moving vans. We then drive to your new home, unload all items and cartons into the rooms of your choice, unpack the cartons we packed, set up the items we disassembled and remove all cartons and packaging for disposal. This type of move is generally conducted over a two day period (size dependent) and is charged at an hourly rate based on the manpower required.


 Partial local moving services

Partial local moving services usually consist of the moving of items and loading of cartons you have already packed, the delivery of these items to your new home and the placement of your items and cartons into the rooms of your choice. This is the most common type of move our customers choose.


The following list can help speed up the moving process for us, resulting in a lower cost for you:

  • Package all your small items into cartons and label each carton based on the room you would like the carton to be moved into in your new home. (Example: Kitchen)
  • Check all cupboards, closets, crawl spaces and attics and make sure everything is removed from these areas and placed into the main areas of your home.
  • Place all of your cartons in one area (preferred) in your home or place them in a stack in the room they were packed in. This speeds the loading process up because our movers are able to load the cartons onto a dolly quickly and remove them from your home.
  • Dismantle your beds including the frames.
  • Remove mirrors from dressers.

Remember to book your local move as far in advance as possible, especially if you are moving mid-month or at month end. These time periods are the most popular and book up quickly.

Local moving is charged based on an hourly rate; however, firm price quotes can be provided for larger moves that occur between the 4th and 24th day of each month. Rates vary across Canada. Contact Great Canadian Van Lines at 1 (800) 665-0055 for the agent nearest you.