Make summer moving fun

Make Summer Moving Fun!

Keep plenty of water balloons on hand (AFTER the furniture is packed away)

Following up our last article on Tips to a Successful Summer Move, we thought we’d add a little more fun to Moving Season by expanding on a few of our more fun ideas on ways to make a move in the summer more enjoyable for the family while even more efficient at the same time.

1. Pre-Move Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way to rid yourself of unwanted household possessions and unless you live in a year round warm climate, the summer months are the only time you have a shot at drawing in a proper crowd to the sale on your front lawn or car port. Even if you are not relocating within the time frame of the season, you can still hold a yard sale well ahead to begin unloading the goods. Yard sales are a great way to lighten the load of your impending move while making some extra cash and having fun in the process. Even children who put up the biggest fight when asked to downsize their possessions become instant retail moguls at family yard sales when the prospect of putting cash into their piggy banks becomes evident.

2. Pre-Move BBQ

Attempting to transport your perishable kitchen goods from one home to the next is a tricky concept in the summer months. The heat can beat down your pantry preserves, leaving meats, fish, and produce at to mercy of rising temperatures. Holding a neighborhood BBQ a week or two before your move is a great way to unload your perishable foods and have some fun in the process. In addition, it’s a smart time to ask friends and family for a helping hand for moving day – how can they say no with a belly full of your secret recipe potato salad?

3. Moving Day Water Park

The actual day of the summer move can also present plenty of opportunities to have some fun with the family. Keep a portable cooler fully stocked with refreshments not only to stave of dehydration, but to keep energy high and to reward the efforts of all involved with cool and tasty treats. Load up everything from bottled water and lemonade to fruit plates and Popsicles. Don’t forget to keep a few water balloons on hand and the garden hose locked and loaded to catch unsuspecting family members (uncles work best) off guard when coming back from loading the vehicle.

4. Post-Move BBQ

The prospect of further rewarding everyone’s efforts at the end of end of the move with an even bigger summertime BBQ after the work has been done is a great incentive to keep volunteers happy. If you’re not keen with having to clean up your new home after the party then hold the BBQ at a nearby park or beach. There’s no better way to cap off a relocation that to return to a new home after gratefully hosting an outdoor party to celebrate everyone’s contribution to your family’s household move.


Contact our professional moving company to get the beach ball rolling on your summer move, leaving even more time to tend to the household, ensuring that the summer continues to create fond family memories – devoid of duct tape mishaps, runaway dollies, and dropped boxes.