5 Tips On Packing Electronics

Packing Electronics

As the digital age continues to consume our daily lives, we find our homes packed beyond measure with all sorts of electronic hardware and gadgets that we simply cannot live without. Thus, when it’s time to move, you’ll want to make sure that not a cable, cord, or charger is left behind when packing electronics.

Here are a few tips to make sure your electronic possessions are protected and placed where you can find them again:


1. Clean it up

Larger electronics and other digitally operated devices that may sit unmolested without frequent physical hands-on handlings such as LCD TVs, DVD / Blu-Ray players, speakers, computer towers and monitors are known to collect a film of dust that often goes unnoticed as it sits in some dark corner of the home. Before packing, remove all inserted discs and be sure to give these digital goods a wipe down with a slightly damp cloth and clean with a compressed air sprayer. This keeps sensitive electronics protected from ill-intentioned dust bunnies, results in fewer airborne particles during the move, and keeps dust out of your new home.

2. Match it up

Before you begin the wrapping process, match up every single accessory, cord, connector, instructional booklet, and warranty to the device it belongs to. That way, when you unpack in your new home, you won’t be at a complete loss in regards to knowing what goes where.

3. Wrap it up

Electronics are extremely sensitive and require priority care. You want to make sure the wrapping is impenetrable, preventing liquids or anything else from working its way into openings during a move. As well, the slightest shift in transit can prevent your electronics from functioning properly. Contain electronics (with each item matched to its corresponding accessories, components, and paperwork – placed in an accompanying envelope or re-sealable bag) with both shrink and bubble wrap and then pad the edges with Styrofoam.

4. Pack it up

Place each electronic item in its own sturdy box, add additional padding and properly label the box with an identifier that you can recognize – but not one that is obvious. In the event that you are performing the move without the aid of professional movers, you don’t want to risk leaving your vehicle unattended for even a moment with the words “LCD Monitor” on a visible box. Don’t forget to use “Fragile” stickers though – so that anyone aiding in the move takes extra special care with those particularly labeled boxes.

5. “Smalls”

As the digital age progresses, our favorite electronic “toys” get smaller and smaller. Laptops, netbooks, tablets, cameras, and mobile phones take up little space but are often the most valuable and tend to play an important part of our daily routine. Instead of packing these items for the move in a box, keep them together and close by so you don’t scramble when attempting to find them should a last minute urgency occur to get online or find information digitally stored on an item that’s packed away. Stuff these “smalls” into a laptop shoulder bag and keep it with you at all times during the move.

Bonus tip

Take a picture of how everything is plugged in, it can be a real pain if you don’t remember where each cord needs to be plugged in. Take a picture on your phone and once your ready to reassemble everything use your picture to help you.


For more packing tips from Great Canadian Van Lines, visit our Packing Tips page. Otherwise, please contact our professional moving company to take all the guess work out of moving your electronics and other valuable household or office possessions.