canadian cities to retire

Top Canadian Cities To Retire

Time For Your Retirement Party?

The goal of every working person in North America is to make enough money to eventually retire, and 99% of us want to retire early. If we were all able to do that, life would be a little too easy. For those of us fortunate enough to retire from our careers, there are some destinations that are probably better for retirement than your current location. Here is a list of Top Canadian Cities to Retire to help you choose where you want to spend your relaxing years.

top canadian cities to retire - rimouski

Rimouski, Quebec

Rimouski is a small city in the large province of Quebec and is a short distance from the province of New Brunswick and the state of Maine. With new found time, residents will be able to take advantage of the close proximity of it’s neighbors. Rimouski also lays right on the St. Lawrence river which makes for beautiful sightseeing.

Average Property Tax: $1496

Doctors per 1000: 3.9

Days above 0C: 197

top canadian cities to retire - stratford

Stratford, Ontario

Home to everyone’s favorite pop star, Justin Bieber, Stratford is a small city with just over 35,000 residents. Stratford is the recipient of many tourists due to its wonderful selection of classical theatre that takes place from the Summer through the Fall. Along with the theatre, residents can enjoy the beautiful parks and numerous facilities that cater to seniors.

Average Property Tax: $1899

Doctors per 1000: 3.17

Days above 0C: 216

top canadian cities to retire - moncton

Moncton, New Brunswick

If you are looking to relocate in the maritime region of Canada look no further than Moncton, New Brunswick. The city of Moncton is home to over 70,000 people. Arts and culture are a big deal in Moncton, you can enjoy venues such as Capitol Theater and the Atlantic Ballet Theater of Canada to name a few. The city also features a duo of museums and many festivals that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Average Property Tax: $1614

Doctors per 1000: 3.3

Days Above 0C: 198

top canadian cities to retire - owen sound

Owen Sound, Ontario

Owen Sound is a small city with little over 20,000 residents located on the southern shore of Georgian Bay. The city is known for the natural beauty it possesses and over the years has become a popular retirement option for those who have earned it. Plenty of festivals take place in Owen Sounds like the Summerfold Music and Crafts Festival as well as the Festival of Northen Lights. There are many options to have a great time in Owen Sound.

Average Property Tax: $1643

Doctors per 1000: 3.2

Days above 0C: 228

top canadian cities to retire - courtenay

Courtenay, British Columbia

The small city of Courtenay is home to just under 25,000 people and can be found on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Residents here do not have to deal with harsh wintery weather because they are on the west coast of Canada, but be prepared for a lot of rain while enjoying the beautiful provincial parks that BC has to offer. There are an abundance of activities to take part in including outdoor festivals, galleries, museums, and theaters.

Average Property Tax: $1429

Doctors per 1000: 2.9

Days above 0C: 316

What Canadian city do you want to retire in? Let us know what cities we have missed.