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The 4 Best Neighbourhoods In Calgary

Living In Calgary

Calgary is quickly growing and prospering as one of Canada’s top large cities along with Toronto and Vancouver. The reason for this is the vast number of economic opportunities for people to create businesses and for individuals to find work within the area. This has caused a lot of people to move in to the Calgary area, so if you are one of the many people looking to move to the city of Calgary to join this economic boom, here are The 4 Best Neighbourhoods in Calgary you should consider moving to.

the best neighbourhoods in Calgary - arbour lake

Arbour Lake

This neighbourhood seems to top most lists that are compiled about the best neighbourhoods in Calgary, and for very good reason. The 10-acre man made lake serves many purposes for the community, it has plenty of fish for fishing during the warmer months, and makes the perfect ice rink in the winter months. Living in Arbour Lake you get the best of both worlds, you will experience a different lifestyle from the rest of the people in Calgary because it is the only lake community, and you are only about a 20-25 minute drive away from downtown Calgary.

Population – 10,892

Average price of a home – $457,484

the best neighbourhoods in Calgary - Beltline


Beltline is located in the central region of Calgary, just south of downtown and sometimes is even considered as a part of downtown. This area is great for young professionals, and for young families. There are plenty of amenities to be enjoyed with an abundance of restaurants, small boutiques, and a nightlife that can not be found anywhere else in the city. You’ll have no problem keeping yourself entertained in Beltline, there is way too much to do.

Population – 20,194

Average price of a condo – $525,583


If you choose to make the move to Hillhurst, it may be one of the best decisions you make, ever. Hillhurst is definitely one of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary because of its location. The community is far enough from downtown so it has its own identity so residents can build their family and partake in plenty of family activities. Everything is in close proximity to Hillhurst, so if you enjoy going for walks, this is definitely the neighbourhood for you.

Population – 6,291

Average price of a home/condo – $1,099,633/$460,143

the best neighbourhoods in Calgary - Brentwood sportsplex


Is recreational activities one of your favourite pass times? Brentwood is one of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary when it comes to outdoor activities for one to enjoy. People from all over Calgary come to Brentwood to take advantage of the over 300km of man made trails that the neighbourhood has to offer. Along with the outdoor activities, Brentwood hosts a few facilities like the Sportsplex and Sir Winston Churchhill Aquatic & Recreation Centre, you will have no problem staying occupied in Brentwood.

Population – 6,076

Average Price of a home/condo – $611,675/%326,340

Do you think your Calgary neighbourhood is better than these four? Let us know in the comments below!