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Surrey is one of the largest municipalities in not only British Columbia, but all of Canada. As of 2006, the population of Surrey was 394,976. This is continuing to grow as we move through 2013. As Surrey movers, we’ve been moving people to Surrey for over 20 years, so we’ve learned a thing or two about the city.

Some people carry negative connotations about Surrey, but the truth of the matter is, Surrey is whatever you want it to be. If you like a busy city feel there are great condos right at Surrey Central. The SFU Surrey campus is an easy site on the eyes and gives the area a very modern feel. When you’re done work you can head down to the Central City Pub and grab a great craft beer with a burger.

Moving to Surrey might be the right move for you if you’re looking to start a family. Surrey has many cultural and athletic outlets. Whether it’s taking in a football game at Bear Creek Park, or heading out on a nature walk through one of the many parks – Surrey has it all.

There are an overwhelming amount of Vancouver Canucks fans in Surrey, so if you don’t know about the team, you’ll definitely find out.

Moving locally within Surrey is a great way to get a different feel for the city. Each area has its own distinct identity, whether it’s Panorama Ridge, Fleetwood, Newton or Grandview Corners. It’s overall proximity to downtown Vancouver also makes it a great destination to live, while allowing for a manageable commute into the city.

If you’re planning a move to or from Surrey, contact us at GCVL, we’re a trusted moving company who would be pleased to help you and your family with its next move.

Remember when looking to selecting potential Surrey movers to do your homework. Request a few estimates, and read reviews before making any decisions.