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Five Places to Visit When Moving Across Canada

Five Canadian Attractions You Need To See

So you’ve decided to move from New Brunswick to British Columbia and chances are you only want to do this once in your lifetime. Of course your movers are going to drive, but you may decide to take a tour yourself as well. For the adventurous people out there, we have compiled a list of the Five Places to Visit When Moving Across Canada.

Parliament Hill - places to visit when travelling across Canada

1. Parliament Hill – Ottawa, ON

Not only is it a beautiful building architecturally, but this is where all the important decisions that shape Canada are made. Take some time to appreciate democracy and appreciate the fact you have the privilege to drive across Canada without harm.

Peggy's Cove - places to visit when travelling across Canada

2. Peggy’s Cove – Halifax, NS

If you are going to be driving through Nova Scotia, you will need to make a stop at Peggy’s Cove to view the lighthouse. Peggy’s Point Lighthouse has been a major Canadian tourist attraction for decades and is one of the busiest in Canada. You might also want to go fishing in the Atlantic ocean and catch some fresh fish for dinner.

Rocky Mountains -  places to visit when travelling across Canada

3. Rocky Mountains – BC/Alberta

Driving through BC/Alberta allows you to get a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. The mountains stretch from northern British Columbia through Alberta, and south of the border all the way to the state of New Mexico. You will have plenty of time to stare at the gigantic mountains as you drive through the province.

Niagara Falls - places to visit when travelling across Canada

4. Niagara Falls – Niagara Falls, ON

Niagara Falls lays on the border of Canada and the USA, but both countries accept the beauty of three falls that come together to make Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is a large tourist attraction with over 12 million visitors a year, and the city reflects this with a number of hotels, a casino, and other tourist attractions that make city a great place for a family vacation.

Stanley Park - places to visit when travelling across Canada

5. Stanley Park – Vancouver, BC

If you are looking for a great view of the Pacific Ocean make a visit to Stanley Park. Unlike many urban parks, Stanley Park is not man made, but instead it shows natures evolution of a forest over decades.

As long distance movers we have had the opportunity to see these beautiful sights plenty of times, and we would love to help get your items to your new location, contact us today for your quote on a long distance move.

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