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New to the Big Smoke? Top Things To Do In Toronto (First Hand Account)

I moved to Toronto in the fall of 2009 from Vancouver. As a wide-eyed college student I was ready to take in the city.

As a west-coast guy, I didn’t really know what I was getting into.

Coming from a province of 4.4 million people, I was shotgunned into Toronto which has around 2.8 million people within the city lines. Needless to say, things move a bit faster in Toronto.

Let’s fast-forward five years and I’ve learned a thing or two about the city. So, for those who have just moved to Toronto or are planning to, I’ve listed the top things to do in the Toronto. Knowing that everyone is not at the same point in their life, I’ve broken down the activities into either (i) family activities or (ii) activities for young professionals.

Top Family Activities

Canada's Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland – This is the biggest amusement park in Canada. It’s the perfect blend of fun for the whole family. Disclaimer: The roller-coaster is not for the faint of hear.

Toronto Zoo – If you and your family are animal lovers this is the spot for you. The zoo is also the biggest zoo in Canada. It’s divided into seven sections (based on geographical habitats). Make sure the camera is charged, there are over 5,000 animals to see!

Toronto Beaches – This really should be a suggestion for both young professionals and families alike for things to do in Toronto. It’s inexpensive and fun. Whether you’re driving or taking the street car on Queen street, it’s an inexpensive option for fun. Queen street is packed with a bunch of places to eat, and it’s a short walk down to the beachfront.

Top Activities for Young Professionals

This is where I can speak a little more on my personal experiences.

Go to a patio on King, College, Bloor, Queen West, Church or anywhere really –  It’s hard not to find a suitable patio in Toronto. I would suggest gathering a few coworkers or friends and making a day of checking out a couple patios in different areas.

Rob FordGo to an Argos, Jays, Leafs or Raptors game – These rarely disappoint; and the Argos/Jays are light on the wallet. It’s great to understand the sports culture once you move to Toronto. With more professional teams than any other Canadian city, it’s easy to get lost in who to cheer for.  With that being said, Go Canucks.


Little Italy Toronto

Go to different cultural areas and experience new things – Toronto is more definitive than any other Canadian city with marking what cultural center you are in.

The street lights are shaped to represent the areas (as seen on the right). In each area, whether it’s little Italy or little Jamaica, you can experience authentic food (or as close as it gets), head to shops, etc.

This article is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you move to Toronto and get through all the packing use resources like and yelp to help you find out the best spots to eat, dance and enjoy your time!