Moving Your Computer

If you are planning on moving your computer there are necessary measures required to protect your system.  Mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock can occur during transport.

The most important and fragile component of your computer is the hard disk and replacing the data on the disc can be very difficult.

Your mover is not responsible for any loss of data, so make sure to take backups of your data and keep these backups separate from your computer; we recommend two separate backups.

Unlocking Security Devices

If your system is bolted down for security reasons, it should be unbolted before your mover arrives. Some PC’s have keys to lock the cover to the system. Lock the unit and remove the key and place the key on your key chain so it doesn’t get lost.

Identifying and Documenting your System

Make sure you wright down the make and model of each component of your computer system and record the serial numbers; and then mark your cables so you know which cables are required when you reconnect your system.

Packing your Computer System

Use your original computer cartons if you have them. If not, you can pack these components into appropriate cartons or have your mover pack the components. Make sure to watch the video on packing computers on our website, if you plan on packing your computer yourself.