Moving to Calgary – Here are the top Restaurants You Must Try

Introduction to Calgary’s Culinary Scene

Calgary, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, is also a paradise for food lovers. With a culinary scene that’s as diverse as its population, the city boasts a wide range of dining options. From mouth-watering steaks due to its proximity to top-quality beef production areas to international cuisines that bring flavors from around the globe to your plate, Calgary has it all. Whether you’re into cozy cafes, trendy eateries, or high-end restaurants, you’ll find something that hits the spot. The city’s culinary scene is dynamic, constantly evolving with new spots popping up regularly. So, as you make your move to Calgary, prepare your taste buds for an adventure. You’re in for a delightful journey through some of the best food experiences Canada has to offer.

Calgary’s Signature Dishes and Where to Find Them

Calgary is a food lover’s paradise, and diving into its culinary scene is a must when you move here. The city’s signature dishes are a mix of traditional and modern flavors, and I’ve got the inside scoop on where to find them. First up, you can’t skip the Alberta beef. This region is known for its high-quality meat, and steakhouses like CHARCUT Roast House are the go-to places. They serve a mean Alberta beef steak that melts in your mouth. If you’re into something a bit more casual, try the poutine at The Big Cheese Poutinerie. It’s a Canadian classic, and they’ve got a variety of toppings that’ll make you come back for more. For a unique twist, head over to Native Tongues Taqueria for their tacos al pastor. It’s not your typical Calgarian dish, but it’s made a home here and locals love it. Don’t forget to indulge in a Caesar cocktail, Calgary’s unofficial official drink, found at almost any bar, but the ones at Proof are particularly noteworthy. And for a sweet finish, the maple-infused desserts at OEB Breakfast Co. give a nod to Canada’s love for maple syrup. Each of these places adds a distinctive flavor to Calgary’s culinary map, making your dining experience here truly memorable.

Top Rated Traditional Canadian Cuisine in Calgary

When you land in Calgary, you’re entering a world filled with diverse and rich traditional Canadian cuisine. Calgary’s restaurant scene is bursting with places that showcase the authentic taste of Canada. While the city has many dining options, a few stand out for their dedication to offering traditional Canadian dishes. Charcut Roast House is a prime example, known for its locally sourced ingredients and menu that celebrates Canadian culinary traditions with a modern twist. River Café, located on Prince’s Island Park, offers a dining experience with dishes that are as close to the heart of Canadian food culture as possible, in an environment that feels like a serene escape. Another gem is Model Milk, located in a historic building, where innovation meets tradition, offering a fresh take on Canadian classics. Don’t miss The Nash, nestled in the trendy neighborhood of Inglewood, known for its commitment to providing an authentic Canadian dining experience with a sophisticated edge. Each of these restaurants not only serves food, but they also immerse you in the culture and tradition that define Canadian cuisine in Calgary. They stand as a must-visit for anyone wanting to truly understand and enjoy what traditional Canadian food is all about.

Must-Visit International Cuisine Restaurants

Calgary, a bustling city with a vibrant food scene, offers a myriad of international cuisines that beckon food enthusiasts from every corner. From authentic Japanese sushi bars to cozy Italian trattorias, the culinary landscape in Calgary is as diverse as it is delicious. Let’s dive into some must-visit spots where your taste buds can travel the world without leaving the city. Mercato, nestled in the heart of Calgary, is your go-to for an Italian feast, serving up dishes that’ll make you feel like you’re dining in the streets of Rome. Craving some sushi? Yukashi Japanese Cuisine is where you’ll find expertly prepared sushi and sashimi, bringing a slice of Tokyo to Calgary. For those who have a soft spot for spicy food, Clive Burger gives a Canadian twist to the classic North American burger and is not to be missed. Then, there’s The Himalayan, offering a wide array of Nepalese dishes that are as authentic as they come. And for a taste of Paris, Patisserie Du Soleil is your dream destination for freshly baked pastries and coffee. Each of these restaurants brings a unique international flavor to Calgary’s dining table, promising an unforgettable culinary journey.

The Best Steakhouses in Calgary

When you land in Calgary, your taste buds are in for a treat, especially if you love a good steak. The city is peppered with steakhouses that promise a culinary delight, but I’m here to narrow it down to the cream of the crop. First on the list has to be Hy’s Steakhouse, a classic spot that has been serving up mouthwatering steaks since the 1950s. It’s where you go for that perfect, aged beef and an unforgettable dining experience. Next, you can’t miss out on Caesar’s Steakhouse, a place that feels like a step back in time with its rich, old-school decor and equally impressive menu. Their steak and the famous Caesar salad combo? Unmatched. Then, there’s Vintage Chophouse & Tavern, a modern take on the traditional steakhouse vibe, known for its lively atmosphere and exceptional cuts of meat. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic ribeye or looking to try something a bit more adventurous, these steakhouses in Calgary won’t disappoint. High quality, perfectly cooked steaks, and top-notch service are what these places are all about. So, make sure to add them to your Calgary bucket list!

Exploring Calgary’s Vegetarian and Vegan Eateries

Calgary’s food scene is a paradise for those who embrace a plant-based lifestyle. Topping those must-visit lists are vegetarian and vegan eateries that promise taste without compromise. The Coup stands out with its innovative, ethical dishes that charm even the staunchest meat lovers. Not far behind, Veg-In YYC offers a fusion of flavors that can whisk your taste buds around the world in one meal. For those craving something fast yet wholesome, Hearts Choices is your go-to spot with its extensive Thai vegan menu. Whether it’s a quick bite or a relaxed meal, Calgary’s green eateries ensure you won’t miss out on flavor. So, delve into the city’s vibrant food scene and discover why going green has never tasted so good.

Unique Dining Experiences Only in Calgary

Calgary is more than just beautiful landscapes; it’s a haven for food lovers too. If you’re moving here or just visiting, let me guide you through some unique dining experiences that Calgary proudly offers. First off, there’s River Café on Prince’s Island Park. Imagine dining in the middle of an urban park, where dishes are prepared with the freshest local ingredients. It’s like a retreat in the city. Then, you must visit Pigeonhole. This place redefines dining with its innovative and international small plates. It’s a journey for your taste buds. Don’t miss out on Charbar in the East Village. It’s an Argentinian-inspired culinary experience located in a historical building with stunning views of the Bow River. For those who love the art of sushi, Y93 Sushi Crave is a must-try. It’s a Japanese cafe with an intimate setting, offering storytelling through its flavors. Meat lovers will find their haven at Cannibale, which is not only a fabulous barbershop but also serves exquisite craft cocktails and small plates. If you’re into interactive dining, Ten Foot Henry offers a family-style dining experience with a focus on vegetables but with plenty of options for meat-eaters too. Model Milk, set in a historic dairy building, creatively twists traditional dishes, making every meal a delightful surprise. Seeking something exotic? Safari Grill offers a tantalizing East African Indian fusion that’ll leave you craving more. For a laid-back yet sophisticated vibe, The Nash will be right up your alley, set in the historic National Hotel in Inglewood. And lastly, for an unforgettable Italian meal, Una Pizza + Wine is where you’ll want to book a seat, with their bustling atmosphere and mouth-watering pizzas. In Calgary, every meal is not just food; it’s an experience waiting to amaze you.

Calgary’s Hidden Gems: Local Favorites Off the Beaten Path

Calgary’s food scene is more than just steak. Sure, Alberta might be famous for its beef, but this city has hidden gems tucked away in neighborhoods just waiting for you to discover. From cozy cafes serving the best brunch to buzz-worthy bistros that transform local ingredients into culinary masterpieces, Calgary’s got it. These aren’t your typical tourist spots; they’re where the locals go to unwind and savor dishes that scream Calgary. Think of places where the vibe is as important as the menu, where you might stumble upon the best Vietnamese pho hidden in a strip mall or a bakery that offers sublime sourdough and pastries that will leave you wanting more. It’s all about finding those spots that might not have a flashy sign but deliver an unforgettable dining experience. And remember, the best way to find these spots? Just ask a local. They’re eager to share their city’s culinary secrets with visitors looking for an authentic taste of Calgary.

Sweet Treats: Calgary’s Unmissable Dessert Spots

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth in Calgary, you’re in for a real treat. The city boasts a diverse array of dessert spots that cater to every craving, from classic pastries to innovative sweets. First up, you’ve got Village Ice Cream where the flavors are as unique as the city itself. Think local favorites like Earl Grey and Cardamom; it’s the perfect spot to indulge on a sunny afternoon. Not far behind, Pretty Sweet Bakery beckons with its mouth-watering array of cupcakes, cookies, and more. Their macarons? Absolutely a must-try. For those seeking something a bit different, Made By Marcus pushes the envelope with its ever-changing lineup of artisanal ice cream flavors. Imagine scoops of Lemon Curd Blueberry or Whisky Hazelnut, and yes, they taste as good as they sound. Remember, no visit to Calgary’s dessert scene is complete without a stop at Yann Haute Patisserie for some of the best pastries outside of Paris. With treats this good, you’ll want to make sure you save room for dessert at every meal while exploring Calgary.

Summary: Making the Most of Calgary’s Food Scene

Calgary boasts a vibrant food scene that can satisfy various taste buds, from traditional Canadian dishes to international cuisines. When exploring Calgary, diving into its food culture is a must. Here’s how you make the most of it: start by prioritizing what type of food you want to explore. Calgary offers everything from cozy cafes to high-end dining. Consider trying at least one local dish, like the famous Alberta beef. It’s a culinary experience you won’t forget. Don’t shy away from food trucks and markets; some gems offer incredible flavors without the sit-down restaurant price tag. Also, utilize online reviews and apps to find the top-recommended spots, but remember to venture out to lesser-known places too. They often hold unique and delicious surprises. Lastly, embrace the diversity of Calgary’s food scene. From Italian to Vietnamese, there’s a wide range to explore. Enjoying Calgary’s food scene is about exploration and adventure, as much as it is about the food.