Moving Plants

What do you do with plants when it comes time to move?  Plants to many people are like family members, and are difficult to part with.

It is common for a relocation to take place from one province to another, and can involve major temperature fluctuations. It is these temperature fluctuations that can cause harm to your plants.

If you’re moving during these colder periods it is best to give your plants away to friends or family members rather than take the risk of shipping them. It is the sub zero temperatures in most cases that kill plants.

If you are moving during the late spring, summer, or early fall, plants have a greater tendency to survive as there are smaller temperature fluctuations and less sub zero temperatures.

Plants will generally survive for up to a week or so on a moving van.  Make sure they are watered before they are loaded onto the truck and place a plastic garbage bag over the pot to prevent water leakage and damage to any furniture you have on board.

Make sure that there are no pests or insects on your plants. One trick is to place an animal flea collar around the plant and cover the plant with a plastic bag overnight. Make sure the plastic bag is closed so the bugs cannot escape, this should kill the bugs and you won’t have them around at your new home.

If you’re driving your own vehicle from one province to another, you can always take your plants with you in your vehicle. This way, you’ll be able to keep and eye on them, keep them moist and watered, and ensure they survive.

If you’re moving to a different country, it is important to do research on their laws regarding plants – many country’s will not permit live plants.