fun moving


Can moving long distance be fun? Just look at this little guy in the moving box; he’s moving and is having loads off fun.

The first thing we think about when we move long distance, is that my life is about to change. I have to up-root my family, change jobs, change cities, change provinces, and sometimes even change the country I live in.

This is a lot to take in for the average person. Now if you view your long distance move from a more positive perspective, moving can be fun. Just think, you get to live in a new house, in a new city, have a new job and you get to meet new people. Your life is about to get an entire makeover – a new fresh look and feel. Now that’s exciting and something to look forward to!

And what’s even better about a long distance move is that our government supports your move by paying your expenses – how can you beat that?