Moving from Montreal to Vancouver

Moving From Montreal To Vancouver

Moving From Montreal To Vancouver

Moving from Montreal to Vancouver is what you would call a long-distance move. The trip is from Montreal to Vancouver is 4,901.6 km. This is no small task for a moving company, no matter their experience.

Taking belongings across the country is one thing. Taking them across without a scratch, well that’s a whole new ball game. We take pride in our long distance moving service, because we care about it. We know how stressful it is to move across the country, so we try to make this as stress-free for our customers as possible.

I wanted to leave you with a recent story from Pascal who recently moved from Montreal to Vancouver:

“It took me a long time before I could find a mover I thought I could trust. Eventually after reading some reviews, GCVL seemed to be the one with the best ones overall. I consistently found movers with terrible reviews and the top few companies charged way too much. Our move from Montreal to Vancouver could not have gone any better. The two different teams who moved us were all very nice guys and we didn’t have one spec of an issue in both locations or with our dealings with the company directly. Additionally, our stuff arrived with 0 scratches, dents or any other sort of damage. It’s hard to find good, reliable movers. In my experience GCVL is a great choice not only for those important factors but also because their prices are very reasonable for the quality of service.” – Pascal

Read Pascal’s review here on homestars.

We’re happy we could help Pascal, all the best in your new home.



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