Moving For A Cause – How Donation Can Help Your Relocation

Everyone knows what it’s like to pack up for a big move and suddenly realize that you have more items than you could ever have imagined. Storage is one alternative but we have another solution that not only lightens your load and is less expensive, it makes you feel great in the process – donation.

Donating a small portion of your possessions – the ones that you haven’t used, worn, or even looked at in years – is the most efficient and feel-good method of minimizing the goods you have to take on a move. We’re not talking about ridding yourself of sentimental attachments and living like a minimalist, but simply to take stock of the things you use and the ones that collect dust in the attic, items that may possibly help the less fortunate.

This 5 item check list will help determine which household goods you can donate:


1. Food

Kitchen cupboards and pantries are packed full of non-perishable dried and canned goods that have taken up space in the back corners for far too long. While it may seem necessary to keep that can of Zoodles on hand for a special occasion, packing up heavy canned goods adds a lot of unnecessary weight to your kitchen load. If the food items have been sitting idle for quite some time the chances are that their fate is the same in your new home. Donating foodstuffs to those in need is a great start to your relocation. Contact your local food drive to find out if local pick-up is available or to get directions to the nearest drop-off point. Many neighborhood grocery stores also have a food hamper on site.

2. Clothes

Clothes are always in huge demand from charitable organizations, especially in colder climates. Attics, basements and closets are home to boxed-up seasonal wear that rarely make the “rotation”. While some people use the excuse that they are just waiting for certain fashions to come back “in style” – it’s safe to say that many will not. Bell bottoms should stay buried but other clothing items with colors or patterns that no longer suit your “look” can be invaluable to those in need of a quality winter coat. Keep an eye out for clothing donation bins that are often found near community centers or contact your local Big Brothers organization (and the like) which have scheduled pick-ups.

3. Blankets & Linens

Blankets, quilts, and linens are other high demand items sought after by charities. Even if you have blankets too weather beaten in appearance to provide to organizations helping individuals and families in the community, there are many animal shelters that would love to receive these items to help provide warmth and comfort to the abandoned animals in their care.

4. Toys

These may be the toughest items on the checklist to pry from the tiny hands and closets of their owners but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Children are the biggest hoarders of the family and have sentimental attachments to practically all of their possessions, but they also tend to have the kindest of hearts. By appealing to the altruistic nature of your kids they can easily be persuaded to part with some of their older toys, books, and other knick knacks that they have grown tired of but would serve as a welcome surprise and bring tremendous joy to underprivileged children in their community. It also goes without saying that by minimizing the toys coming along on the household relocation you will have put a major dent in the overwhelming amount of goods to pack up and truck to your new home.

5. Books

Your personal library may also add a ton of weight to your moving boxes and some of the books in your collection may not be worth another read or recommendation. Consider donating that Grade 10 Algebra Text or Beekeeping for Dummies book that has been collecting dust on the shelf for a decade to the local public library.


Making your relocation go smoother by donating excess possessions to those in need is a great feeling. Great Canadian Van Lines is also proud to be a supporter of a variety of local charities such as the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Ride for Dad.