Moving Expense Deductions

It’s tax time again folks and time to remember to get all your eligible moving expense deductions together. If you moved in 2012 to study courses as a student in full-time attendance at a university, college or other educational institution that offers courses at a post secondary school level; or for a job and you moved over 40 kilometers, you are entitled to eligible moving expenses deductions.

Eligible Moving Expense Deductions are:

  • Transportation – moving  and storage costs
  • Travel Expenses – vehicle, meals, accommodation
  • Temporary living expenses – to a maximum of 15 days
  • Cost of cancelling your lease on your old residence
  • Incidentals – change of address, replacement of drivers licence, utility hook ups and disconnections
  • Cost of selling old residence when vacant – up to a maximum of $5000
  • Cost of purchasing new residence – legal and notary fees and taxes on transfer or registration of title

Feel free to contact Great Canadian Van Lines if your require the Canada Revenue Agency Moving Expense deduction forms for  your deductions, we will be happy to forward them to you.