Moving to Edmonton

Make Edmonton Your New Home

The capital of Alberta is a happening place and there is a reason that Paul Brandt wrote a song about heading there. With a population of nearly 870, 000 located in central Alberta, Edmonton is divided by the North Saskatchewan river. Originally founded as Fort Edmonton, as an outpost of the Hudson Bay Company, which was looking to establish a foot hold in the west to grow the fur trade. Edmonton has now grown into a hub for commerce, culture and education. Edmonton acts as a stepping stone to the massive energy and agriculture industry that Alberta is known for. If you are looking for new opportunities and adventures for your family or business, Moving to Edmonton should be among your top options.

Job Opportunities

Jobs | Moving to EdmontonWith a nickname like “The Oil Capital of Alberta” it isn’t difficult to determine what the leading industry of the region is. As of 2014, it was estimated that the value of major projects in the Edmonton area was $57.8-billion of which $34.4-billion was in the energy sector. Whether you are looking to work in the field or sit behind a desk crunching numbers, there is certainly opportunity for you in Alberta. Although oil and gas seem to dominate the province, it isn’t the only sector that helps Edmonton boast an unemployment rate of 4.5%. The ever growing financial, science and tech industries contribute to a diverse employment field. The plethora of job options make moving to Edmonton a great idea for anyone with a family or anyone just looking for a change in scenery.


Education | Moving to Edmonton
The economic growth in the science and tech industries are not at all unfounded. Edmonton is one of Canada’s premier research and education centers. The city operates just under 200 public schools and 88 catholic schools, education is definitely a primary concern for Edmonton. Research projects at the University of Alberta are complimented by government initiatives at the Alberta Research Council and Edmonton Research Park. Both research centers lead the way as academic pillars of development for not only the city and the province, but the country as well.


Recreation | Moving to Edmonton
Edmonton is the home of two major sports franchises, the storied Edmonton Oilers of the NHL who have a strong history with “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, who in the 1980’s helped the team to winning 5 Stanley Cups that decade. The other being the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL who compete proudly against their provincial rivals, the Calgary Stampeders. Along with these professional sports, there is a strong list of recreational programs to enroll yourself or your children in. If sports aren’t your thing, no need to worry, there are plenty of other activities you can participate in. Edmonton is home to Canada’s largest mall, the West Edmonton Mall, you can spend hours here and still not experience all it has to offer. Moving to Edmonton would make for a perfect base camp for anyone that enjoys the outdoors, especially since you’ll be able to take a short drive to view the picturesque Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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