Comax, BC

Moving to Comox, BC

If you’re retiring and moving to Comox, BC, you will pleased with everything that the Cowichan Valley has to offer. I had a chance to explore this beautiful area this weekend while attending my son’s hockey tournament. I was surprised at how clean and green it was. The area has fine dinning, great fishing, fantastic golf and most importantly, great real estate prices. It even has big box stores such as Home Depot, Costco and Target for all your shopping needs.┬áComox also has a commercial airport and Canadian Military Air Base.

It’s a little remote, at about an hour drive north of Nanaimo, but the new highway makes for a pleasant and quick drive with the newly posted highway speed set at 120 K’s.

It’s definitely worth the drive or flight to check out the area if you’re looking for a healthy, outdoor lifestyle to retire to.