Moving Before Christmas

If you are planning to relocate and get settled into your new home before Christmas make your plans as far ahead as possible. Timing is critical and depending on where you are moving to and from you may need more time than you think.

Factors to consider:

Weather – Roads can and do get closed during the winter due to severe snow and ice, so make sure to plan for a few extra days of travel.

Volume – The Christmas season is an extremely busy moving season as many people  relocate and hope to get settled into their new home before Christmas or New Years. Planning ahead will ensure you get your moving truck and crew reserved.

Mover – Make sure your mover has available space and schedules that will meet your expectations and get in in writing.

Booking your mover well ahead, allowing for extra time to travel due to weather conditions and getting your movers schedule confirmed in writing will ensure you receive your shipment at your new home well in time for Christmas.