Launching Your Offensive On Storage Wars

Many are surprised to find that professional moving companies offer long term storage services that span further than the temporary transit that holds their possessions from point A to B. It’s not that uncommon to pack up your household, or office, and find that you have more items than you ever imagined. You went into the project feeling like a well organized machine and now all of a sudden you resemble a hoarder. We can’t help cut the sentimental attachments you have to the boxed up things you forgot you had in the first place, but we can help you solve the new found crisis of where to store your excess.

The most time consuming aspect in moving is born from neglecting to streamline the process into one efficient and narrow path.  Great Canadian Van Lines continues to provide tips on how to best expedite your move with our most recent contribution on storage:

Do You Need it Now? 

This is a tough question you have to ask yourself – Do you need it now? Whether for the home or office you have to determine which possessions need to be with you “on site” and which can be boxed up and placed in holding elsewhere, leaving room to “breathe”. Does that box full of high school yearbooks (personal) or customer invoices (business) from 15 years ago need to be within reach? If not, store it!


Now that you’ve decided what you can “live without”, you have to determine how to best pack away these items. While you may be accustomed to nabbing empty boxes from your nearest grocery store, the money you think you are saving on materials can go down the drain once your possessions pile on top of one another in a seemingly perfect stack and store job. As the months pass in storage this well blocked pyramid may start to buckle under pressure, causing damage to the Ming vase you absent mindedly placed on the bottom. Instead, by securing the aid of a full service moving company, you will have access to a wide variety of box and custom crating options.


We’ve seen it time and time again. Customers secure a professional moving company to handle their packing and transit needs yet assume they have to find storage elsewhere, flipping through the Yellow Pages under “storage” with their eyes closed and picking an option at random. Once again, choose a moving company with full service capabilities so that you can take advantage of their options and expertise in all aspects of the moving process, including both short and long term storage. You can even save money with the cost benefits associated with packaging everything into one efficient invoice.


Reputable moving companies will store your goods in safe, secure, state-of-art, alarmed facilities with around the clock video monitoring. However it is always a good idea to protect against any unforeseen events that may give you cause for concern, no matter how unlikely. These are after all your valuable possessions and every contingency should be accounted for. Contact your storage provider for more information on how to best protect your goods, in transit or in storage.


Now that you have the facts, doesn’t it just make good sense to place the whole process – packing, transit, and storage – in the hands of one trusted source? You don’t want to perform a juggling act with your valuable possessions, because when that happens, someone inevitably drops the ball. Secure a professional moving company that includes long term storage in its services and you’ll never have to worry about that little “hoarding” issue of yours again.