4 Lakes to Enjoy in Sudbury

The city of Sudbury is usually not the first place people say they are going when they move to Ontario. For those who don’t consider Sudbury as their new home, let it be known, it’s your loss. Sudbury is home to over 160,000 people, but its land size is the fifth-largest in Canada. Although it might not be the first choice for most people, the city is beautiful with an abundance of parks and over 300 lakes, as well as the largest lake in the world in city limits, Lake Wanapitei, let’s take a look at four lakes to enjoy in Sudbury. 

Lake Wanapitei

lake wanapitei

Of course, we’re going to start with Lake Wanapitei, it became the largest lake in the world within city limits in 2001 when Greater Sudbury became an official city. Unfortunately, Wanapitei Provincial Park is a non-operating park, so you won’t find any facilities around here. If you’re well equipped for the outdoors you can enjoy swimming, fishing, and see some wildlife roaming through as they live their everyday lives. 

Ramsey Lake

ramsey lake

Before the city of Sudbury amalgamated in 2001, Ramsey Lake was known as the largest lake within city limits by the Guinness Book of World Records, until Lake Wanapitei joined the city limits. The lake is surrounded by many things you can enjoy such as, Jim Gordon Boardwalk, Laurentian University or the William Ramsey boat tour.

Fairbank Lake

fairbank lake

Fairbank Lake is another lake with a beautiful view as well as many activities great for the family surrounding the lake. The campsites are built to have families enjoy an overnight stay, equipped with comfort zones that include; hot showers, flush toilets, laundromat, and much more. Pack up your favourite swimming noodles and donuts so you can make use of the lake as it is one of the more popular swimming destinations in the city.

Windy Lake Provincial Park

windy lake provincial park

This is another beautiful location for you to take advantage of with the family. The beach is sandy and the water is great for swimming as well as water sports. The water is clear enough to see the pebbles and rocks that lay under the water, which also makes for a great time skipping rocks. The park also has some multiple campsites, private ones for those that want a bit more of an intimate setting with the family. 

What are your favourite lakes in Sudbury and what activities do you love to enjoy there? We would love to hear all about it.