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HST,GST How Much Will it Cost me on my Move?

Moving can be expensive whether you’re moving across the street or across the country. How do I know how much tax I will be paying on my move, and is it the same for all provinces and territories?

The answer is that it’s definitely not the same, and some provinces and territories are less than the others.

From west to east or left to right however you wish to look at Canada , the following is a list of the tax rates you will be paying on top of your moving expenses:

British Columbia  – 12%

Yukon – 5%

Alberta 5%

Northwest Territories – 5%

Saskatchewan – 5%

Manitoba – 5%

Nunavut – 5%

Ontario – 13%

Quebec – 5 %

New Brunswick – 13%

Prince Edward Island – 5%

Nova Scotia – 15%

Newfoundland & Labrador – 5%

Your taxes are based on the province or territory you are moving to and not where you are moving from. So determine where you are moving to, get your estimate and add the applicable taxes based on the rates above.