How Many Boxes Will You Need?

Most movers websites contain a moving calculator. This calculator basically adds up the dimensions of the items you are shipping and converts the measurments to weight.

What the calculator doesn’t do is determine your box count. This calcualtion is something you will have to enter yourself.

There is a simple formula to assist you with this calculation. Once you have entered your items into the calculator – the calculator will determine the estimated weight of your shipment, for example 5000 lbs.

To create a more accurate estimate add 10 boxes for every 1000 lbs. So in the sample above you will have approximately 50 boxes( 5000 / 1000 x 10 = 50)

The next step is to enter the boxes into the carton section of the calculator on the estimate form.

Watch for our next blog article – we will give you an idea of how to determine the distribution of these cartons.