Great Canadian Launches New Moving Estimate Software, “Hercules”

Great Canadian Van Lines is pleased to announce the launching of our new  moving estimate software and manager program: Hercules. Hercules has been developed to speed up the estimate process as well as the moving process. Our software was developed in Vancouver, and is very scalable. Our hope is that Hercules does not only change the way we and our agents do business, but how the moving industry does their estimates as a whole.

We’ve added a friendly consultant and consumer interface which is extremely intuitive. If you’re a mover and you want to know if a moving truck can access the address zoom in on any location by using the built in Google Earth App to provide actual location images. It will also make invoicing a much clearer process. Start, track and complete estimates all from your Hercules dashboard.

Hercules is designed to provide our moving consultants and customers with a more user friendly, pleasant experience throughout the moving estimate process.

Take Hercules for a test drive and request an estimate below.

We are currently developing a mobile application to work in conjunction with Hercules and we are designing a new custom dispatch system to compliment our Estimate Manager.

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