Reasons Why Your Home Won’t Sell

Of course if you are looking to move in to your new home, you need to sell your current home first. Selling a home is never an easy task, that is why people hire real estate agents to take care of it for them, but if you notice your house has been on the market for a while and potential buyers visit the home and never call you back again, it might be something you’ve done to the house that they don’t like. Here are Five Things That Will Decrease Your Property Value.

things that will decrease your property value - pool

1. Pool

Everyone loves Summer days lounging around the pool, and they are great for having guests over. But when it comes time to sell your home, a pool might be a burden. Due to the maintenance it takes to keep a pool operational, and the even larger struggle it would be to get rid of it, buyers might stay away so they do not have to deal with the hassle.

things that will decrease your property value - exterior

2. Exterior

It might seem like a good idea to paint the outside of your house so you can be known in the neighborhood as the “cool pink house”, but it might hurt you in the long run. Most people do not want their home to stand out because of the color it is painted on the outside. If you find your house has not been getting much visits, it might be because you are known as the “cool pink house”.

things that will decrease your property value - bad neighbours

3. Bad Neighbors

Unfortunately, this is not something you can really control, but bad neighbors will decrease your property value. Living next to a hoarder or a frat house that is constantly partying could mean trouble for you on the real estate market. No one wants to live beside an extreme collector or 24/7 party, unless you’re a party animal yourself.

things that will decrease your property value - garage

4. Garage

Not having a garage will definitely affect the success your home has on the real estate market. Parking your car has too many risks, such as being hit by other cars who don’t know how to park. A garage will make sure your car is safe and out of harm’s way of Canada’s Worst Drivers.

things that will decrease your property value - school

5. School District

Kids are always a major factor when any family is making a decision as to where they are going to be living next. Therefore, the state of the school district will  play a large role on the final decision made by the family. This is not something a home owner can control, but if you find your home has had a tough time getting attention, don’t blame yourself, blame the schools.

Did we miss any other things that will decrease your property value? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!