Five Places To Celebrate The World Cup In Toronto

Going For Gold In Brazil

As we have all come to know, Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, featuring people from backgrounds in every pocket of the large city. For those of us who enjoy the global game of soccer, the World Cup is a beautiful time for the people of Toronto to show off their backgrounds and wave the flags of their home country. The World Cup takes over Toronto every four years, so if you have just recently moved to Toronto and don’t know where to go to cheer on your favorite team, here are Five Places To Celebrate The World Cup In Toronto.


Every four years Brazil is one of the favorites to hoist the golden trophy at the end of the tournament. This year as the hosts of the tournament, they are favored even more , and have a very good chance. As one of the favorites, they have plenty of fans in Toronto, so if you are looking to celebrate after a Brazil win head over to the Ossington and Dundas area, where there are many Brazilian establishments, highlighted by the Brazilian Star bar and grill.


The Italians take pride in their soccer, so every four years when the World Cup comes around, you will have no problem identifying an Italian. They have won the World Cup four times, therefore have earned the right to be prideful, and after each World Cup win, the streets of Little Italy (College st.) will be covered in a sea of blue.


Not always one of the most popular teams during the World Cup, but still one of the most talented to come from Europe. Although they are not favored to win the tournament, it is guaranteed they will have one of the biggest parties after a win by shutting down Danforth ave.¬†which is filled with ¬†great Greek stores and restaurants. You won’t be disappointed as this is one of the best places to celebrate the World Cup in Toronto.


The Blackstars have been the best African team in the past two World Cups and look to repeat that again this World Cup in Brazil. The population of Ghanaians is spread out through the Greater Toronto Area, but when it is time for Ghana to take the pitch, it seems like all of Ghana is at the intersection of Jane and Wilson. Win, draw or lose Ghanaians will be celebrating the efforts of their team.


Hailed as one of the top teams of the world, Germany enters the World Cup with high expectations and as a heavy favorite to win it all. Germany doesn’t have the largest population in Toronto, but you can be sure they will be ready to celebrate and honk their horns in South Etobicoke when their team earns a win.

Did we forget your World Cup team? Let us know who you’re rooting for and where we can celebrate with you!