Five Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

Five Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make On Moving Day

The days leading up to moving day can be stressful, and in that time you can forget to do things that will make your transition in to your new home as smooth as possible. We have been in the moving industry for over 20 years and have seen everything imaginable, so here are our suggestions onĀ Five Mistakes to Avoid When Moving.

1. Not Setting Up Hydro At Your New Place

This could be an easy one to forget, but you need to remember to set up the electricity in your new place a day or two before you move in, or else your going to be moving in to cold home.

cable and phone - mistakes to avoid when moving

2. Cable and Phone

People often forget this one too, but moving in to a new home means your cable and home phone will not be connected until you have provider come in to your new home and install everything again. You should try and schedule this to be done on move-in day, just so you don’t miss the next episode of The Bachelor.

plan effectively - mistakes to avoid when moving

3. Not Planning Effectively

To plan effectively, you need to plan efficiently. Have everything packed before the day of the big move so that moving day is simply just that and not moving and packing day. You also want to choose an efficient route that is going to get you to your new destination quickly while avoiding any major traffic slow ups.

unnecessary items - mistakes to avoid when moving

4. Bringing Old Junk to Your New Home

A new home means a new start, you’re going to feel like everything is needed to come to your new home, but it doesn’t. You should throw away or giveaway anything that you haven’t used in the last year or so, because chances are you are not going to use it in the new home either and it is just going to take up space.

bad movers - mistakes to avoid when moving

5. Hiring Cheap Movers

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. If you opt to choose cheap movers to help you move, you are going to get cheap service. Spend some time researching moving companies like you spent time buying your new home. You don’t want any of your items damaged and you do not want to deal with bad customer service on an already stressful day. We would recommend getting three quotes from three separate companies. Of course, make sure these companies are accredited, have positive reviews, etc.