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Five Calgary Neighbourhoods to Look at Moving to in 2018

Are you looking to move to Calgary? It is one of the best cities in Alberta to live in. The city has been going through a bit of a rough patch the last couple of years, but Canadian economists are optimistic that the Calgary market is on the rise. Its rise should see it compete with large luxury markets like Toronto and Vancouver. You might want to start looking into the Calgary market and when you here are five Calgary neighbourhoods to look at moving to in 2018.

1. Kingsland

Average home price: $522,587

The Kingsland neighbourhood is great for families and single people alike. You’ll have the option between bungalows or raised bungalows and don’t be surprised if you see your neighbourhoods adding on their homes. Best of all, you will only be 15 minutes away from downtown Calgary.

2. Bowness

Average home price: $510,417

If you’re looking for a great community that looks out for one another and celebrates together, look no further than Bowness. People who live in Bowness, simply put, love Bowness. Bowness Park is a central love of the neighbourhood and you’ll be able to enjoy hiking, biking, and BBQs. If you’re looking to move to Calgary, Bowness is a great choice.

3. Evanston

Average home price: $512,851

The Evanston neighbourhood is another great place for families to be in Calgary. If you need some proof of this, take a drive through this area in the summer. It will look like something out of a movie, kids running around on their front lawns, bikes laying on the driveway, and many people walking their dogs.

4. Greenview

Average home price: $424,855

This community hasn’t developed to its full potential yet, but it is definitely on its way. Property value has been increasing over the years, but it is still one of cheaper neighbourhoods in the city. Singles might be great for this neighbourhood as there are apartment buildings here.

5. Acadia

Average home price: $456, 662

Young families should love this neighbourhood and will have the plenty of choices when it comes to choosing what school their children will attend. Acadia, according to the Calgary Board of Education has the second most number of schools.