Ferguson Moving and Storage Expands into Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver and Coquitlam Through Franchise Opportunitties

At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we recognized that many people viewed moving as a dead end job. We also saw that moving is a great opportunity for people to run a great small business and the need for physical moving will be with us for a long time. We also received many phone calls from areas that were just a bit too far for us to travel from North Vancouver to go and see.

What we decided to do was help staff members to become owners for themselves but not by themselves. We give tremendous support with training, bookkeeping services, startup help and ongoing assistance including a call center that arranges all sales appointments. Today, when we are hiring new employees, we share with new hires that their “job” at Ferguson Moving & Storage can be whatever they want it to be. They can work for a year and save up money to travel, or get into other areas of the company such as warehousing, operations or sales, or for those with bigger aspirations, they can consider opening up their own franchise.

If money is an issue, we also have a bridge to ownership program for those deserving individuals that meet our strict criteria of service to internal and external clients and exhibit actions that match up with our core values: quality, care and service.  So far we have five locations and two of them are owned and operated by former long term staff.

The future looks bright as we have three more applications submitted and we look forward to ending the stigma that moving furniture is a dead end career.