Ease Your Overseas Move

Are you planning an Overseas Move?

We touched on Canada to U.S. relocations in a previous article to help smooth the transition for our customers contemplating a move across the border. But we often get questions about International Overseas Moving. Moving within the same land mass is one thing, but overseas? You’ll need more than a sturdy moving truck for that task.

Below we’ve provided a list of things you’ll need to look for to ensure that you are securing a moving company best capable of handling any international overseas move:


Often you’ll find moving companies with partnerships in specific overseas markets, but not all. The best indicator that you are dealing with an ultimate full service mover is if they can handle international moves to any of the continents/regions outside of North America – South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. If there is a gap in their geography, then you may consider looking elsewhere to secure a mover with complete overseas capabilities.

Land, Air, and Sea

You can’t exactly pack an SUV on an airplane but you also can’t wait for your more essential possessions to enjoy the weeks it may take for a sea voyage. Make sure your international overseas moving company can transport your goods from land, air, and sea.

Personal & Household

When people picture overseas shipping, they often imagine containers full of manufactured goods and hardware. But if you’re in the midst of a personal move overseas, envisioning your valued possessions leaving to and arriving in a strange land separate from your immediate grasp can feel a little uneasy. Instead, gain complete confidence by finding a moving company that specializes in personal and household international relocation.

Packing & Crating

International Overseas Moving requires a lot more in the way of packing supplies and processes than empty apple boxes from the local grocery store and duct tape. Fortunately, reputable international movers will have full capabilities in packing and crating for such necessities.

Dock to Dock or Home to Home

Many international movers offer Dock to Dock services. However, if you are in the middle of an international household relocation, nothing will ease the mind, and your time, more than having your possessions moved from your old home to the new one overseas, right to your door AND inside. Find an international mover that can accomplish that task for complete peace of mind.

Export Documentation and Insurance Protection

Not many people like paperwork, especially when it comes to figuring out what they need. Find an international mover that can prepare your documentation for you and provide comprehensive insurance protection. Leave the red tape to the pros and focus on duct taping instead.


With all of the above taken care of by a reputable International Overseas Mover, you can focus on your exciting new life transition.