cross country movers

Cross Country Movers

We’ve discussed a lot recently about moving outside of the country in our Canada to U.S. household relocation and most recently on International Overseas Moving. However, we thought it pertinent to address the process of changing addresses within Canada, specifically when you’re looking for cross-country moves.

Whether this exciting transition is for a new job, school, or relationship, you want to make sure that your long distance relocation is placed within good hands so that you can focus on what’s most important – you.

Below we have detailed important elements to consider when selecting a professional company for long distance moving within Canada:

1. Get an Estimate You Can Trust

Moving long distance is not like an A to B move within your own city where all you have to anticipate is rush hour traffic. There are many elements to consider when moving across Canada and securing an accurate estimate you can trust is important so that you can plan everything around that quote. Make sure any moving company you inquire with provides you with a free estimate on long distance moves and has a team of experts that can account for every contingency to arrive at an accurate estimate.

2. Computerized Dispatch Network

Choose a moving company with a Canada-wide computerized dispatch network, ensuring that your shipment can be tracked within seconds. They should always know where their drivers are so you know where your possessions are.

3. Communication System

Choose a moving company that communicates with its drivers at least twice a day. As well, they should have the capability to monitor driver weights, locations, availability, capacity, tracking and reporting by means of an efficient electronic communication system.

4. Professionalism

You’ll feel more comfortable when your possessions are picked up and transported by friendly, professional, uniformed movers that are extensively trained in the entire process – packing to unloading. As well, look for a moving company where drivers are rewarded for delivering your goods safely. Finally, make sure your professional mover has testimonials from recently satisfied customers.

5. Safety

Before loading your possessions for the long journey ahead, a trustworthy moving company will create an accurate, itemized inventory of your goods. Each article should be carefully wrapped in a quilted moving pad to ensure it travels and arrives safely to your new residence miles away.

Treat the above like a checklist. If you’re looking at hiring a long distance moving company and they don’t fit the complete the criteria, find one that does.