How to Budget Your Move

Moving can be very expensive, depending of course on when you are moving and where you are moving to and from. You need to determine your budget before you move. How much do I have to spend on this relocation? Discuss your budget with your mover and advise him/her of the maximum amount you have to spend.

A qualified Moving Consultant will make recommendations with your assistance on which items can be removed from your shipment, thus reducing your costs and keeping you on budget.

To reduce your moving costs we recommend that you determine what items are of most importance to you and obtain an estimate for shipping only these items.

Other items that may not be of importance should be removed and disposed of via gifts to friends and family; donations to charity, sold in a garage sale, or sold though free sites such as Craig’s List and The Buy and Sell.

We encounter clients that wish to ship everything they have, but have only limited funds and in some cases not enough to cover their entire moving costs. When it comes time to pay for everything shipped they don’t have the funds.

Determine your budget, ask your Moving Consultant for recommendations on reducing your shipment size and cost;  and reduce your shipment size through the selling of unnecessary items, donations to charity, or gifts to friends and family.

Staying on budget with your moving costs will reduce the stress of having to come up with funds you don’t have once your goods are loaded.