Best Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

Living in Edmonton

Located in the heart of Alberta, Edmonton is typically characterized by its severe winter weather. However the mid-western city supports some of the best neighbourhoods to raise a family in Canada. With a strong economy from the growing energy sector, Edmonton is a business hotspot ripe with new opportunities. If you are looking to make a move to the west side of Canada, take a look at our choice for The 4 Best Neighbourhoods in Edmonton before making your decision.

oliver, edmonton


Located on the north side of the North Saskatchewan River, this neighbourhood enjoys a rich history with an ample variety of shops and restaurants. Its proximity to the downtown core and relatively low cost of living make it perfect for anyone looking to start a family of their own. When you decide that it’s time to explore the southern half of the city just jump on the High Level Bridge street car or the Groats Bridge and venture across the river valley.

Average House Cost: $383,857
Population: 18,580

Strathcona, Edmonton


This city is perfect for young professionals, as Strathcona offers a vibrant city atmosphere. The streets are lined with endless shops, galleries and restaurants perfect for anyone looking to experience the diverse culture that Edmonton has to offer. All the essential amenities are located within walking distance making it one of the most convenient and best neighbourhoods in Edmonton to move to.

Average House Cost: $435,273
Population: 8,984

Henderson Estates, Edmonton

Henderson Estates

If you are thinking of starting or moving your family, consider the tight knit community of Henderson Estates. Located southwest of downtown, Henderson Estates consists mainly of families with children (60%). The beautiful residential community overlooks the North Saskatchewan River and offers a quiet place to escape the fast pace of the city. There are plenty of parks to enjoy the outdoors and would be a great area to raise a family.

Average House Cost: $614,116
Population: 1,893

Terwillegar, Edmonton

Terwillegar Towne

At the heart of this community lies the Terwillegar Recreational Centre, a sport facility that has countless youth and after school programs to compliment its state of the art equipment. Located just southwest of the downtown core, the neighbourhood of Terwillegar supports a small town feel, but is only a short drive out of Edmonton. The small neighbourhood is perfect for growing families, the community has all the activities you need to keep even the busiest of kids occupied.

Average House Cost: $460,139
Population: 6,627