moving your business

A Moving Plan For Your Business

We’ve discussed the sensitive nature of Corporate Relocation before but this article deals specifically with the planning process and offers some practical tips to how to best manage your physical move, your staff, and your customers.

1. Set a Specific Timeline

We encourage our customers to follow this proven 6 Week Check List to prepare for a household move and we’ve received great feedback on the whole process. However, there is a lot more at stake (like stakeholders, customers, etc…) when you’re moving a physical business. You want to prevent any “down time” to ensure not one single day passes without revenue coming in. Businesses should begin preparations at least 3 months in advance.

2. Publicize the Timeline for your Employees

First of all, notify employees about the new location as soon as possible. They too need to make arrangements to accommodate their commuting options (and identify the nearest Starbucks). Then, make sure that they become privy to the 3 month week by week timeline so that they can follow along every step of the way.

3. Publicize the Timeline for your Customers

Obviously if your business depends upon customers visiting the establishment then the earlier the notice you can provide your customers about the move, the better. But even if the physical location isn’t as important to the B2C relationship, keeping them in the loop, week by week, is a good practice. For instance, an eCommerce website still needs to instill confidence in its customers, that even though they need not visit the physical office of the business, they can, should they feel any cause to do so. Keep customers privy to the timeline via email newsletters and Social Media updates. It also provides your business with an “excuse” to engage your customers in conversation and possibly sell to them in the process.

4. Recruit In-House Talent

Although you cannot expect your staff to help with the physical transition, small to medium businesses with a casual corporate culture have an open dialogue with their employees and can encourage them to volunteer in advance to help with some of the details. Consider offering extra days off, or half-days, in advance exchange for their efforts. Happy employees will often offer to help out regardless. You may identify latent talents that you didn’t know existed. But be careful…we’re always hiring.

5. Go Pro

If you’d rather spend your time focusing on the nature of your business then consult a professional corporate relocation company 3 months in advance. They can serve as advisors and even do a lot of the planning and preparation for you, in addition to the physical move on the actual day. In the end, this method can end up saving you a lot of money by forgoing any lost revenue felt from attention diverted away from customers.