8 Vancouver Breweries You Need To Try ASAP

Let’s Have A Cold One In Vancity

It doesn’t get any better than throwing back a cold one with friends as you gather and spend time together. When you’re in a city like Vancouver the options for a cold pint are limitless as Vancouver has been known as the craft beer capital of North America. There are a ton of options in Vancity, but these are 8 Vancouver Breweries You Need to Try ASAP.

8. Off The Rail Brewing

Stop in at Off the Rail for one of their 12 different beers on tap. You’ll probably be leaving with a case of your new favourite beer.


7. Strange Fellows Brewing

If you’re looking for an old type of brew, give Strange Fellows a try, they have a thing for unique aged beer and sour beer.

6. Red Truck Beer Company

You can forget about all the things that make beer complicated when you have a Red Truck Beer. Their motto is to keep the beer simple and crisp. If you can’t make it to the brewery, they are in a ton of local beer and wine stores in the Lower Mainland.

5. Main Street Brewing

It’s all about the beer at Main Street Brewing. You won’t have a tough time finding your favourite beer here as they have a great selection of year-round beers and seasonal beers.

4. Yaletown Brewing Company

A visit to the Yaletown Brewing Company will most likely lead to a night of fun. They have a great menu and plenty of TVs to watch the Canucks. If you’re looking for a fun place to spend a Friday, when you’re trying to avoid Granville, this is the place to go.

3. Postmark Brewing

Beer meets art at Postmark Brewing. Along with the great beer they produce, they tell great stories to go with them and the growth of their brand.


2. 33 Acres Brewing Co

Spend your afternoon at 33 Acres Brewing and enjoy all their brews, they even have one for people who are trying to be health conscience. If the beer isn’t enough for you, the contemporary atmosphere will get you.

1. Brassneck Brewery

What better pairing is there than great beer and food trucks? Yea, there isn’t one. Brassneck keeps the thirst away with their beer, but they also have food trucks parked outside most nights of the week to take care of that hunger.


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