7 Pizza Places to Drool Over in Vancouver

Pizza Pie In Van City

It is nearly impossible to not love pizza and if you don’t, just double check to make sure you have a working pulse still. Pizza is the perfect combination of everything great and brings nothing but happiness. Take the night off from the kitchen and make everyone in your household happy with some pizza for the evening. This is 7 pizzas to drool over in Vancouver.

7. Pizzeria Farina

Don’t be late coming to this popular pizza joint, they only make enough pizza until they run out of dough, which is pretty common.

6. Frankies Italian Kitchen and Bar

Frankies is perfect for date night, it is a little more upscale than most places, but there is no doubt you will have pizza sauce all over your mouth.

5. Nook

Go out for a casual bite at this restaurant, Nook is great for the after work crowd.

4. Nicli Antica Pizzeria

This is the “VPN certified” pizzeria in Vancouver, so you won’t have to question the quality of their pizza as you know it comes directly from the homeland.

3. Sciue Italian Bakery and Cafe

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Pizza here is priced by weight, so stack that pizza sky high.

2. Straight Outta Brooklyn

When you’re looking for a quick bite stop at Straight Outta Brooklyn to pick up your favourite slice of pie and get going again.

1.Via Tevere Pizzaria

You won’t miss the brightly tiled wood-fire oven when you walk into this Napoli inspired pizzeria. Your pizza will be topped with the freshest ingredients and you’ll be back again, for sure.