Winter Driving

6 Tips For Moving During Winter

Moving during the winter months can be a challenging task, especially if the roadways are snow and ice covered.

Your mover will most likely be carrying your goods on board their moving van, and if you are planning to drive your own vehicle to your new destination here are a few tips to help you make your drive safer:

1) Carry a shovel and either a bag of salt or sand in your trunk. You can use these items to help get your vehicle un-stuck if you happen to get trapped in the snow.

2) Carry warm boots, a good jacket, hat and gloves just in case you get stuck or break down. A heavy blanket or two will also help you stay warm.

3) Make sure to bring a lighter-powered cell phone charger, a fully charged cell phone may come in handy.

4) Start your trip later in the day – this will give snow plows time to plow the roads and drop salt or sand which makes driving a little less treacherous during the winter.

5) Let a friend, family member or business associate know the route your are travelling and approximate times you will be travelling.

6) Give yourself extra time to drive and don’t rush your trip in the winter.

Roads are slippery during early in the morning and late in the evening during the winter months. Because of this, don’t put pressure on your mover to rush. Having your belongings show up undamaged is the number one concern. Remember, winter conditions can get so severe that some driving days are lost due to poor winter road conditions.

Take your time, be safe and carry the proper gear when moving in the winter.