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6 Things To Do When You Retire in Victoria

We’re all working hard day in and day out to make it to the day where we can finally sit back and relax. Choosing your retirement destination should take some time and plenty of consideration, but we can definitely tell you we have moved many retirees to Victoria, and it’s a great city. Living in Victoria has its perks, and If you do end up choosing Victoria as your place of peace and bliss, here are 6 things to do when you retire in Victoria.

1. Visit the Art Gallery

art gallery

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This is more than just a one time visit, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria features some of the finest artwork, some world-renowned pieces that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. There is always a new exhibition going on every couple of months and they are always worth seeing. If you think art isn’t your thing, it can become your thing really quick after a visit here.

2. Royal Casino

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Are you feeling lucky? You can spend an evening at the casino on the slot machines waiting for that big pull that’s going to make retirement that much better. Just like at every casino, there is always great shows for you to enjoy as well as some fine dining.

3. Educate yourself

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It’s never too late to fill your mind with some extra knowledge and if you get tired of watching daytime television judges, enrolling in a class might be the perfect thing for you. Victoria is home to the University of Victoria, Camosun College, and National Historic Site, Hatley Park. You don’t have to stop learning when you retire in Victoria.

4. Experience music

contemporary music

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If you’re a fan of music, you must spend some time at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Your ears will be delighted with beautiful contemporary music, amazing classical notes, and they even feature music as therapy.

5. Whale and Wildlife watching

whale watching

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One thing everyone who lives on or visits the island will tell you that you need to do once you’re there is that you most definitely need to go whale and wildlife watching. If you happen to not be a huge fan of water, your opinion will quickly be changed once you witness the beauty these animals possess. Get your camera ready and be ready to be amazed, there are many companies like Fairweather Cruises that will take you on an unforgettable tour.

6. Enjoy Live Theatre

live theatre

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Enjoying live theatre is something you should have on your list of things to do every month. Victoria is home to a large number of live theatres that all perform some of your favourite plays. You’ll never know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you visit the Sin City Improv theatre, but there is no doubt you will enjoy every moment of the show while you’re there.