6 Neighbourhoods To Consider For Your Move to Montreal

Making the Move to Montreal

So you’ve decided to move to Montreal. You’re making a great choice, Montreal is a beautiful city and has everything you can want from a major Canadian city. Chances are if you’re making the choice to move to a new city, you have no idea what part of town you want to be in. Here is a look at some of the best neighbourhoods in Montreal. Enjoy!

6. Griffintown

This small Montreal neighbourhood has been historically known to be associated with the Irish immigrants who came to work in Montreal. Today, you can find some older buildings as well as some brand new condos that surely look impressive.

5. McGill Ghetto

This neighbourhood is far from the Webster’s definition of a ghetto, instead is a community which hosts a large population of students who attend McGill University. If you’re not looking to be¬†waken up at 3 am by loud college students, this might not be the neighbourhood for you, but if you’re a young professional who enjoys their weekends, welcome home.

4. Notre-Dame-de-Grace

If you’re looking to be in one of the unique parts of Montreal, “NDG” neighbourhood is it. For those who don’t have the sharpest tongue for French will be happy to know that the western part of this neighbourhood is mostly English speaking.

3. Old Montreal

For the history buffs, Old Montreal is the perfect neighbourhood for you. Plenty of the buildings that were built in the 17th century still exist today and of course, the stories behind them are never ending. You won’t have the luxury to access all of the stores and amenities most families need daily, but you won’t be too far from the city center and the summer time in your neighbourhood will be filled with tourists. This isn’t the greatest neighbourhood for young families, or for individuals who don’t like tourists.

2. Plateau-Mont-Royal

Young professionals welcome to your new Montreal neighbourhood. Plateau-Mont-Royal has everything a young professional could possibly want in their neighbourhood, from the diversity of the people living here to a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs. If that isn’t enough for you, the two major roads run through this neighbourhood, so you’re pretty much in the center of everything.

1. Mile End

Mile End is known as one of the more distinct parts of Montreal. This area is great for those who are getting ready to move to Montreal and start a young family as you’ll be a part of a tight-knit community. Mile End is also known for its great restaurants and has been heralded as some of the best food in North America.


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