Things your neighbours won't tell you

5 Things Your Neighbours Won’t Tell You


Love Thy Neighbour

When moving into your new home you have probably been to the house a few times before to check it out, make sure that it has enough room, has all the amenities that you need to be comfortable and that the neighbourhood is going to have the right services for your family. You may have even met the neighbours briefly or were greeted with a friendly wave as you drove in your future driveway. What you probably didn’t do was camp in your car across the street to check out your future neighbours. Well maybe you should have! Here is a list 5 Things Your Neighbours Won’t Tell You and you may find out the hard way.

1. “We have pets… a lot of pets!”

Everyone probably remembers that scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective were Jim Carey returns home only to have the landlord pay a quick visit. Upon the landlord’s departure the house erupts with an orchestra of animals singing ranging from a chorus of parrots to a bass of dogs. This is all fine if you live in the country and are separated buy miles but when you are separated by just a wall a band of howling animals may not put your neighbour in your good graces and is probably one of those things your neighbours won’t tell you beforehand.

2. “We are starting a rock band, we practice at 2 … 2am.”

Going to local concerts is a great way to get to know your new community and see what culture it has to offer. Having the concert come to you, every night, will get frustrating quickly especially when you have to work in the morning. One of the things your neighbours won’t tell you is that the have ambitions to be the next big thing in rock and roll.
things your neighbours won't tell you

3. “No we don’t have Netflix, we just steal your wifi.”

Internet theft is more common than you may think and I don’t mean getting your identity stolen on the web, I actually mean having your neighbour use your wifi. It is always important to protect your home network with a password to prevent both neighbours and people passing by from perusing the web on your dime.  Password and 123456 are the most common passwords in the world just in case it was one of those things your neighbours won’t tell you, so get a little more creative than that.

4. “We have bed bugs, your welcome.”

Bed bugs can be not only annoying and disgusting but expensive as well. They are extremely difficult to eradicate often leading to loss of personal clothing and furniture items and is probably one of those things your neighbours won’t tell you about until its too late. However, in some areas it is now the law new tenants must be informed on infections prior to moving in.

5. “Your land, my land, who cares”

They say that what makes good neighbours are good fences. Well that’s true but only if the fence is where it is supposed to be. At the first sight of your neighbour considering a fence between you be sure to ask them about and check your deed. Ensure that you both agree on the property lines to avoid losing a chunk of property to them that you will still owe the taxes on.

things your neighbours won't tell you

Any other things your neighbour might forget to tell you? Let us know!

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