5 Things You Need To Pack On Your Move To Toronto

Over the last couple of years, everything we hear about Canada is how great of cities Vancouver and Toronto are in comparison to the rest of the world. Economists and such haven’t been wrong as they both rank fairly high as one of the best cities to live in the world. The cities share many similarities, so for anyone who is planning a move to Toronto from Vancouver, here are some things you need to pack your bags with. These are 5 things to pack with you for your move to Toronto.

1. Pack Your Patience

As great of a city as Toronto is, traffic still tends to be a problem in the city, especially in the summer time due to construction because of how bad the winters can be for the streets. Be prepared for drives that should take you 15mins to take you about 45mins because of construction and traffic.

2. Pack Your Umbrella

You won’t need it as much as you do if you were to be in Vancouver, but Toronto still does get a decent amount of rain. In 2016, Vancouver had 165 days of rain and Toronto had 113. Like we said, it won’t be the same, but you will still need your umbrella every couple of days.

3. Pack Your Wallet

Real estate in Vancouver has been the talk of Canada in the past couple of years as the prices have continued to go up, but Toronto hasn’t been too far behind in those discussions. Like Vancouver, Toronto will cost you a pretty penny to have a home and┬ánaturally the cost of living goes up with the price of homes.

4. Pack Your Swimming Shorts

Most major cities aren’t lucky enough to have beaches in close proximity, let alone in the actual city. Like Vancouver, Toronto has its own beach as well and it is located near the downtown core. Pack your favourite swim shorts with you, you might even want to keep them in your work desk and head over to the beach after a day of work, because why not?

5. Pack Your Appetite

Much like Vancouver, Toronto has a great food and drink scene. Don’t be surprised when you see a new restaurant popping up every couple of weeks. The food and drink festivals are endless, so be sure your appetite is growling when you make the move to Toronto from Vancouver.