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5 Things Every Home Owner Should Have

Welcome to Your New Home

If you’ve never lived in a new home before this might be very useful for you. Owning a new home doesn’t come with everything you need, so you might need a few house warming gifts. There are a few things you may not be able to get through the week without, so here are 5 Things Every Home Owner Should Have.


It can get expensive calling over a handyman every time you need something fixed around the house. Buy your own tools and start fixing things on your own. Making a cabinet door tighter is fairly simple, and with your own tools, you can get creative and learn how to make things around the house. If you’re ever in doubt, YouTube has plenty DIY (do it yourself) videos for you to learn from.

A Good Vacuum

Even if you were to sweep your house every single day, there are still going to be little dust bunnies occupying the corners of your home. With a good vacuum, you can get rid of those dusty corners, rather than push the dust around the house with a broom.

Welcome Mat

You don’t want outside dirt in the house and you might as well minimize that at the door with a welcome mat. You won’t be able to stop all of the dirt, but you can stop some of it before it gets in, so have a welcome mat and remember to clean it every couple weeks.


Bad weather can cause the electricity to go out at any time, and living in Canada we are all too familiar with snowstorms. Keep a couple of flashlights in the house so you’re not walking around blindly and knocking things down if the electricity is to ever go out at your new house.

Get to Know Your Neighbour

You never know when you’re going to need their assistance or what you will need it for, but there will come that day when you need to ask your neighbour for something. Make it less painful for the both of you and introduce yourself as soon as you move in so it is not awkward when you walk over to ask if you can borrow some brown sugar.

Did we forget anything that you feel is needed in the home? Let us know in the comments below!