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5 Lakes near Vancouver For A Swim

Before all hope of getting warm weather is completely gone, there are still a few days in which you will be able to maybe go for a swim in one of the many lakes near Vancouver. Let’s take a quick look at 5 lakes near Vancouver for a swim.

5. Pitt Lake

Pitt Lake might not be the best for swimming because the water is typically pretty cold, but if you are able to overcome that, there is no doubt you’ll enjoy it. Pitt Lake offers canoe rentals which is a great way to spend an afternoon.

4. Cat Lake

If you’re planning to be in the Squamish area, Cat Lake is definitely one of the top options in the area. The water is warm but the beach area isn’t that large. Most importantly it has a swinging rope and rumour has it that it’s impossible to get tired of a swinging rope.

3. Cabin Lake

After a hike up Cypress Mountain, stop at Cabin Lake for a quick dip. You definitely won’t be the only one there, but you might be the only one that decides to get in the lake with some cover up. Most people like to swim in Cabin Lake in their birthday suits.

2. Alice Lake

Grab your family and friends and head on over the Alice Lake. This is the perfect destination for large groups of people as there is plenty of space, but much like other popular beaches, you can bet that Alice Lake can get fairly crowded and you might find yourself waiting if you don’t arrive early enough.

1. White Pine Beach

You’re not the only one that loves to be on a white sandy beach, many people do, so chances are there is going to be many people at Wine Pine Beach when you get there. You’ll be able to have a more intimate time if you go during the week, but intimacy is completely out the window during the weekends.


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