Home Improvements Before Fall - goodbye summer, hello fall

5 Home Improvements You Should Do Before Fall

Saying Goodbye to Summer

Summer has been good to us, but it is unfortunately coming to an end as the days grow colder, and dark earlier and earlier. If you just moved in to your house this earlier this year, there are some things that you need to take care of before the weather gets cold again. So for those who are going in to the fall in their new home, here are 5 Home Improvements Before Fall You Should Do.

Home Improvements Before Fall - air leaks

1. Air Leaks

This is something that will be difficult to identify when the weather is beautiful out and the sun is shining down on you, but once the weather begins to cool down and you are feeling a cool breeze in your home it will be too late. Check around the interior and exterior of your windows and doors to see any leaks where cold air will be able to get in to your home. Not only do you want to avoid cold air, but you also don’t want to waste the money you are using to keep your heater on. Check for leaks and get those bad boys closed up.

Home Improvements Before Fall - smoke detectors

2. Smoke Detectors

This is something a lot of people forget about, because if they are decent cooks in the kitchen the smoke detector rarely goes off. Be sure to check and change the batteries in your smoke detector, chances are they have been in there for the whole year and are ready to die. You don’t want your smoke detector to not work when you actually need it.

Home Improvements Before Fall - check your roof

3. Check Your Roof

Summer often brings a few rain storms with it, and your roof could take a beating from those storms. If you haven’t taken a look at your roof this summer, be sure to do so before the summer ends, this is definitely one of the five home improvements to get done before fall ends.

Home Improvements Before Fall - fireplace

4. Fireplace

You obviously haven’t needed to use your fireplace all summer, so before the weather gets a bit chilly again check out the fireplace; whether it is an electric fireplace or a wood fireplace. The wood fireplace should be cleaned out and check the chimney to make sure there is nothing clogging the fire smoke from leaving your house. If you have an electric fireplace check the wiring to make sure everything is okay and that it still works as well as it did last winter.

Home Improvements Before Fall - flip your mattress

5. Rotate and Flip Your Bed

If you sleep on your bed alone, most people are guilty of only sleeping on one side of the bed. To make sure you are making use of all your bed and to extend the life of your bed, rotate and flip to ensure you are sleeping on a different part of the bed. It may take a couple days to get your sleeping groove back, but it will save you from buying a new bed every couple of years.

What other home improvements would you suggest to be done before the fall? There are plenty that can be done, let us know which ones you do on a yearly basis.