Cheapest Cities to live in Canada

5 Most Expensive Cities To Live In Canada

Last week we gave you guys the 5 Cheapest Places To Live In CanadaSo this week we decided it would be fun to show you guys where the most expensive places to live in Canada are.

1. Vancouver, BC

Average House Price: $748,651

Not only is Vancouver the most expensive city in Canada to live in, it is also the most expensive city in North America according to the Economist. Anyone who has been to Vancouver understands it is well worth the cost. Vancouver has the smallest carbon footprint of any major North American city. With beaches and mountains all within close proximity and a mild climate; it is a great destination for anyone. Vancouver’s economy is largely based in Technology, Film and Tourism. According to Intuit, Vancouver was rated the 9th hottest city for start-up tech companies

2. Toronto, ON

Average House Price: 482,648

CN Tower Edgewalk

People doing the CN Tower Edgewalk

As Canada’s second most expensive place to live, Toronto boasts a lot of attractions. With a massive downtown core, there is always something to do. Canada’s largest financial district is also found in Toronto as well as the TSX. If you’re looking for a thrill you can always try out the edgewalk at the CN tower.

3. Victoria, BC

Average House Price: $421,939

As Canada’s third most expensive place to live, Victoria boasts one of the most favourable climates in all of Canada. While other Canadians are busy shoveling snow, Victorians are enjoying early budding flowers and very mild winters. Victoria is British Columbia’s capital; and it’s home to one of the most prestigious schools in Canada (UVIC).

4. Calgary, AB

Average House Price: $408,983

Calgary is Canada’s energy capital. Though houses average out at just over 400k, there is no provincial sales tax. Also, you’re only a short drive from the Rockies as Banff National Park is 120km from downtown. Calgary’s economy is fueled by the petroleum industry (no pun intended) and agriculture.

5. Hamilton/Burlington, ON

Average House Price: $349,943

Located in less than an hour west of Toronto, Burlington fields many beautiful parks and attractions. The city is home over nine golf courses and the Royal Botanical Gardens. The strength of Burlington’s economy comes from its diversity. It is able to hold this diverse development largely due to its geographic location. The leading industrial sectors, in terms of employment, are food processing, packaging, electronics, motor vehicle/transportation, business services, chemical/pharmaceutical and environmental.

 Do you live in any of these cities? Do you think they are worth the cost?