5 Canadian Beaches To Visit This Summer

Summertime in Canada

Summertime is right around the corner and it’s finally time to do what you’ve been waiting to do for the last 9 months, go to the beach. Canada’s land is far and wide which means we also have some of the best beaches in the world. Let’s take a look at 5 Canadian Beaches To Visit This Summer.


Grand Beach, Manitoba

The white sands that lay right off of Lake Winnipeg are as beautiful as they come. If a swim isn’t enough for you. you can enjoy the boardwalk, kiteboarding, and of course beach volleyball.

Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan

Forget going to the spa this summer, spend your weekends at Mantou Beach instead. The salty water of Little Manitou Lake couldn’t be any better for your health, from increasing your blood flow to preventing you from losing your mullet you’ve been growing since 1987.

Grand Bend, Ontario

There is always something fun and exciting going on at this beach, Brand Bend is never short of visitors. For the party goers, this might be the best beach for you.

Salmon Cove Sands, Newfoundland

Why start with a nice hike through the trail and end with a dip into the water? Salmon Cove Sands has a great hiking trail that provides a beautiful view of the beach, so a visit here is a double win.

Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia

If you’re looking to see some great wildlife, Ingonish Beach is your best bet. At this beach, you will see all types of birds, whales, dolphins, and much more.

What beach will you be making many trips to this summer? We would love to know!