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4 Toronto Neighbourhoods Perfect for Millennials

The city of Toronto is still growing and the amount of people moving to the city is not slowing down, and it doesn’t seem like it will any time soon. Toronto is the 4th largest tech market in North America, which is only attracting more young people to the city. To those making the move to Toronto to become a part of the booming tech sector, here is a look at 4 Toronto neighbourhoods perfect for Millennials.

Liberty Village

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This part of the city has become the epicenter for millennials in Toronto. As soon as you arrive in this neighbourhood it’s almost like the air changes as you enter a new world. You will see people with their dogs in one of the many parks, young people in flashy and nice cars, friends walking side by side sipping local coffee, and this is just a regular day of the week. The weekends are full of events at the local bars which are always ready to host when one of the Toronto sports teams are in action. There is no doubt you will have a great social life while you live in Liberty Village, but you also get access to public transit that will allow you to get anywhere in the city and you are also right in the middle of the city where you will have tons of fun exploring what is around you every day.

The Annex

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You won’t have any issues finding millennials in this part of the city, mostly because they never left. The Annex is located downtown, primarily on the busy Bloor Street, bordered by Bathurst Street to the west and St. George to the east. A majority of this area is covered by the University of Toronto’s downtown campus, hence the large population of millennials in this area. Those who choose to live in this area while attending UofT have a tough time leaving once they enter the workforce because they can finally afford their rent and have disposable income for the first time in their young adult life. Finding somewhere to live in this area can be a challenge due to the number of students looking for housing, but if you do find a place, you might never want to leave. Annex residents have easy access to the subway or if they enjoy riding their bikes, Bloor street has dedicated bike lanes for cyclists. 

Yonge and Eglinton



If you enjoy taking snapshots of your food for your Instagram feed, the Yonge and Eglinton area might be where you want to start searching for your next home. It’s difficult to name another area of the city that has such a high concentration of restaurants the way this area does. You’ll find a great mix of cuisines, whether you’re in the mood for some pub food or ready to try something new, it’s there for you. This area has grown rapidly in the last decade, condos have been built and quickly filled, sometimes leaving residents on long waitlists to purchase a property. Young people continue to move in troves, so if you’re able to find your way into this neighbourhood, do it ASAP. As construction continues on the Eglinton Light Rail, the value of property in this neighbourhood is only going to rise. 


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For the married millennials looking to start a family or already have a small family, living in a city isn’t always the most ideal. Raising kids in a downtown condo isn’t for everyone, so perhaps consider living a bit outside of the city in a suburb like Mississauga. The homes are beautiful and a much better option for a family, also you’ll only be a 20-30mins drive away from downtown Toronto depending on the day and the traffic. There is also public transit that can get you into downtown Toronto in 30 mins as well. The city of Mississauga is growing quickly and it would be an amazing growth to be apart of.