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4 Places To Retire In British Columbia

Kick Up Your Feet and Relax

We work our entire lives to have the luxury of being able to retire in a nice place, where the stresses are minimal and the biggest worry of the day is which beach-side restaurant you are going to have dinner at. The province of British Columbia has become a popular destination for retirees to come spend their free time. People love the crisp air, the close feel of nature, and a climate that most other provinces are envious of. For those who are ready to spend their next 30 years in retirement, here are 4 Places to Retire in British Columbia.



If you are looking for a small town where you can enjoy most of your time taking walks through parks, Courtenay might be the place just for you. Courtenay has many provincial parks in which you can spend your free time such as Mitlenatch Island Nature Provincial Park, Kitty Coleman Provincial Park and many more. The best part of it is that you will be able to take these walks nearly all year around as the temperature rarely falls under the freezing point.

Population: 59,017

Average Price of Home: $385,458.00

Days Above 0 degrees: 316.4



The city of Kamloops is one of the larger cities on this list, but not even close in size to the monstrous city of Vancouver, so no need to worry. Kamloops is a city of just under 105,000 residents with plenty of different amenities to enjoy, no matter what you like doing for fun. If you are a fan of the arts, the selection for you in Kamloops is a wide array. You can visit the Kamloops Art Gallery, or for the music lover you can visit the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, both will make for a greet evening.

Population: 104,746

Average Price of Home: $332,798.00

Days Above 0 degrees: 246



Kelowna is another decent sized city that has plenty of different activities for you to enjoy. If this is your choice of city to retire in British Columbia, it is a fantastic one as there is no shortage of things to keep your newly found free time occupied. The service industry drives the economy in Kelowna as it employs most people living in the city. Kelowna is a large tourist city, in the summer you can enjoy boating, golf, hiking and biking. And in the winter time you can enjoy alpine skiing or nordic skiing. Sounds like a great time all year around.

Population: 192,947

Average Price of Home: $444,632.00

Days Above 0 degrees: 215

Vernon, BC


Once you become a “Vernonite” you never go back. The city of Vernon, which is located in the North Okanagan Regional District, is a small city with a population of over 60,000 people and is not only a popular place to retire in British Columbia, but one of the best places to retire in North America. Vernon is known for its lakes and beaches during the summer months and during the winter months, residents can look forward to skiing and hockey, thus making it a tourist destination all year around.

Population: 61,731

Average Price of Home: $375,190.00

Days Above 0 degrees: 249

Whether you are moving from Kamloops to Kelowna or Toronto, ON to Vernon, BC we can give you a helping hand. Contact us today for your free quote on your move to retirement.